the best RM35 not spent

March 6, 2016

Dean and I had a few hours to ourselves (we totally dumped our kids at grandma’s) and it was pretty nice to just hold hands and enjoy each other and only each other.

We had a heart to heart talk recently. We were both getting way too busy with work and it’s at a point where we had too many things on our plates to even eat (ironic, huh?). I’ve lost 3 kg! I guess with the FV expansion internally and externally, it requires us to always be there for our team and we are constantly on the phone. I seriously wonder how CEOs of big international companies handle it! How do they keep sane?! Without a good team, building FV to a multi-million dollar company would be impossible! Him, with the finance, budgeting, operations and all those serious things. Me, with my PR duties like events, meetings, interviews and photoshoots some more, it just felt like we haven’t talked for soooo long which is weird because we talk to each other everyday. We even had mini fights and we realised it’s just because we’re both so tired. It’s so scary how you can take each other for granted just because you can’t control your emotions and people closest to you become your punching bag.

I read a quote that there is no such thing as Balance. Life is one big mess and you’ve just got to embrace it. I’m not sure if I entirely agree with that statement, but it sure felt like it this year especially. Whatever the truth of that statement is, I guess it doesn’t matter; the only thing for all of us to do is to make the best we can out of a situation given to us and accept that busy times will come and disrupt our “balance”, but we should always make up for it after.

Like today. Dean and I planned to watch a movie, but we ended up going for dim sum and just talk and talk about everything. Sitting side by side each other and not speaking isn’t exactly quality time. Totally wasted RM35 we paid earlier for the tickets hehe. But it was the best RM35 wasted because we had husband/wife time that was way more valuable. Try it; don’t go for a movie, just have lunch together and put the phones away. You’ll be surprised how much you can laugh with your spouse. Back to work tomorrow of course, but at least we had this Sunday work-free.

He even had time to ootd me! (He hasn’t done that in soooo long; that was one of the topics of our mini fights, can you believe it? Hehe).

DSC_1266 DSC_1268 DSC_1273 DSC_1263 DSC_1270 DSC_1279

Loving this embroidered bag! My most recent bag purchase. I haven’t changed from uni days; would buy a bag over expensive meals any day! Hehe.

Wearing dUCk scarf, Hana top (available in 4 colours from XXS to XXL) from Aleena, both from FashionValet. Bag from Gucci, shoes from Zara.