where’s my private jet

March 13, 2016

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DSC_1534 DSC_1501

I mean seriously… when I styled this outfit, I kept imagining people handing me guava juice in my private jet, and asking me if I wanted newspaper.

Finally, after much pestering from all of us, Mimak comes out with her non-dresses line. LoveToDress is known for their immaculately tailored dresses, so she was a bit nervous coming out with this line. But when I saw all of them just now, I know all her worries are irrelevant. Oh, the quality, the detailing of the logo plate on every piece, the tailoring, they just screamed her style. Classic, posh and chic. Like they will bump you up to first class when you travel. Just cos they like your look.

Tomorrow we launch them first exclusively offline in FashionValet Bangsar Village store. Then Tuesday onwards they are open to the world online on FashionValet. Get your private jet look before they run out! Hehe.

Wearing White Choc dUCk (launching next week), necklaces from Bowerhaus and shirt, cardigan and trousers from LoveToDress, all at FashionValet