a weekend in manila

April 24, 2016

The kids are asleep now and I’m still chuckling to myself on Daniel’s greeting the moment Dean and I got back home from the airport.

“Mommy, you went to Malala?”


He looked up to think. “Malina?”

“Ohhh! Manila! I went to Manila, sweetheart.”

Kids are so cute la seriously.

I just got back from a nice weekend in Makati, Manila. There’s this AirAsia Designer Search competition and as one of the main judges, I have to travel to 5 different countries to judge designers there. It’s been super fun, but I’ve basically sacrificed 5 weekends which means I’m working nonstop for these couple of months *cries*. But it’s quite fun, I have to admit. We were in Jakarta meeting these talented designers last week, and this week was Manila. 3 more to go!

These two came with me too:


The judging session was a whole day so we didn’t have time to sightsee, but it was still nice to be in the city that was new to me. We had a couple hours to kill so I went to visit the Greenbelt mall area near our hotel, and we had a nice Japanese dinner afterwards. The only thing was that there was a lot of pork everywhere but that was probably because I didn’t look hard enough for a proper Halal restaurant.

IMG_20160422_162610 IMG_20160423_215150
IMG-20160424-WA0011 IMG-20160424-WA0012

Scarf from dUCk and Magnolia top from Kamiidea, from FashionValet


Scarf and scarf bag from dUCk, from FashionValet.

Breakfast in bed on a nice Sunday morning before we had to checkout and leave for the airport. I could even sleep in and not feel guilty! Ahhhh if only all Sundays were like this!


One more day here please?

Anyway, I had to blog about this because I want to remember this forever; During the judging, I got called out because there was someone delivering flowers for me. In The Philippines!! Didn’t think anyone knew me there. I was so so touched, he braved through 2 hours of traffic just to deliver a beautiful (and big) bouquet of flowers that he arranged himself. As if that wasn’t special enough, he handwrote a note that was so sweet.


It’s because of people like you that makes my job so so worth it. I’ll never forget you, Amirul.

Check out his flower company; @soireeandflora. They’ve got awesome floral arrangements for every occasion!