dean turns 28

April 8, 2016

For Dean’s birthday this year, we surprised him 2 days early! He absolutely had no idea of course so I’d say this is a good strategy for a surprise party. But then again, it’s bad cos on the actual birthday, you have to figure something out again. Hehe.

We surprised him in the office with of course, his face all over the walls. LOVE embarrassing him as usual. And three four-layer cakes to feed 106 of us in the office. I can’t believe FV has grown that much! We had lunch together and as a treat to everyone, we closed down the entire office to have a team-bonding-celebrating-Dean session at District21, an indoor adventure park in Putrajaya. So not my thing, I had to literally buy sneakers for this, but seeing how much fun Dean and the whole of FV team had, it was super duper worth it!

Some pics to share:



20160406_113433 IMG-20160406-WA0029




IMG-20160406-WA0140 20160406_113148 IMG-20160406-WA0026 IMG-20160406-WA0020 20160406_113500 20160406_115646 IMG-20160406-WA0040 20160406_174844

On his actual birthday today, I am being blessed by this view:



More about this trip later (or better yet, on my new reality show soon! Need to tell you guys about that!) because everyone’s snoring now – tired from today’s drive to Penang and a whole day of fun and wiping snot, saliva, chocolate, you name it.

But I just want to remember this day; my husband turns 28 and gosh, you really can admire and love a person more and more each day. May you be given the best in this life and the hereafter, my love, and I hope we will grow old happy together always. Love always, your (one and only!!!) wife.