love, vivy

April 11, 2016

If you’ve been following my instagram, you’d know the big news already. I’m having a reality show on Astro Ria!!!!


It was a long process and we’ve been in talks for months already, and I’ve had my fair share of roller coaster emotions; should I, should I not, should I, should I not.. My goshhhh, who do you ask about this?! Hey Kim, did you regret having a reality show? Hahahaha. But anyway, after getting the support of everyone and seeing how much it can benefit FashionValet, I thought mehhh life is short. Let’s do it. But don’t expect it to be like Kardashians or anything, because this show is far from all the trashy drama. Nobody becomes a girl here hehe!

 I never imagined myself to have a reality show revolved around my life, but I really wanted to do this for FashionValet. People know FV from their computer screen, shopping online, but I think what happens behind the scenes is so interesting that it should be shared. Our ups and downs, our challenges, everything in the show is real and are true events that happen. I think it’ll be very good because e-commerce industry is booming now and everyone is going online, so they should have a glimpse of how it’s really like. I’m so proud that Love, Vivy (was originally Sincerely, Vivy, but Astro advised us to change it and make it catchier) is the first of its kind, especially in Malaysia. Not every company will want you to see their ups and downs, up close, on camera some more! 

To make the show more complete, there will be a mix of my personal life; how I juggle being an entrepreneur, being a wife, a daughter and being a mother, and also trying to keep up with writing on my blog. Each episode ends with me writing on my blog and each episode is like me writing to you, hence the title. Everyone is asking me whether Daniel and Mariam will be in the show, and when I say yes, they’re so excited so now I think it should be called Love, Daniel and Mariam. Hehe.

There will be 8 episodes in total. And most importantly, each will feature 1 or 2 of the top local designers we have on FashionValet and their Raya collection this year. It is always FV’s aim to make local designers more known to the public so we can appreciate our own local talent, so I’m very happy this show allows us to do that.

It’s been a crazy ride, now I kind of know how Kim Kardashian feels like. Haha. I had the CelebrateTV and ManggisTV crews follow me everywhere, to KL, to Jakarta, to Brunei, to Singapore and they’ve seen all the good and bad of me. Now as the shooting is almost complete, I will miss them dearly! Thank you Kak Naz, Faiz, Abang Pojee, Syida, Ela and the team.

Some pics to share:


IMG-20160303-WA0161 IMG-20160302-WA0040 IMG-20160113-WA0020 20160218_205740 20160303_144706 IMG-20160218-WA0035 IMG-20160225-WA0045 20160112_133824 Screenshot_2016-04-11-10-15-07
Thank you Kak Naz for believing in me. You were the start of all of this!

The show starts TONIGHT. The first episode will be an establishment episode where we have to introduce me and my family and FV, for those who don’t know what it’s all about. For those who do, you might wanna skip it. But I hope you don’t because there are 7 more episodes to come!!

Every Monday on Astro Ria and Astro Ria HD, at 9.30pm.

Hope you guys like it!!!