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April 17, 2016 • 26 comments • 8463 views

Let me just start by saying by blogging about her, it doesn’t mean I love her more than the rest of the FV team. On the contrary, she’s not even top 20 really. Yawnnnnn. But fine, she’s always with me and she’s people’s point of contact, so I need to introduce her to you guys. Let’s be real, I can’t get through an instagram post without a “Please blog about Iman” request. Swear she pays you guys to write that.

One fine afternoon, I was late to everything and my HR Amy sat me down and told me it’s time I have an assistant. I was like no wayyy I’m not gonna be one of those snooty people who says “Oh please just talk to my PA.” (Totally am now, love ittt! Ahhaha JUST KIDDING). After some convincing and condescending examples of how I’m all over the place, I don’t hand in work on time, the team doesn’t know who to forward “Vivy” queries and calls to, and I’m late to everything because I forget things, I agreed to just meeting the shortlisted candidates Amy picked out.

I met some really nice ladies, but after my interview with Iman, I remembered turning to Amy and saying “I love her please hire her I need her in my life.” And the rest was history. She had me at “I’m obsessed with the phone, I really can’t stand when people don’t reply me but there are blue ticks.” THOSE DANG BLUE TICKS I HATE THEM TOO. I kept quiet when she said that, because I needed to process it… I have found my soulmate, guys.

I told Amy let’s test this woman. Amy called her the next day to tell her she got the job and she has to come in and start TODAY. When she was in the office that day, I knew this was a keeper.


My first picture of her. #imverysweet #womanwhatareyouwearing?!

What made me hire her? Well, in her interview she said:

She was good at photography


Dunno what art this is!

She would always make her boss look good


Her most-liked photo on Instagram -__-“

She’s very good with kids


Mariam’s desire to escape here is proving otherwise

She’s very organised


Clearly someone you’d trust with your life

She doesn’t get tired easily


Wake up!

But jokes aside….

What drew me to her at the interview? When I asked her why she wants the job, she said “To be honest, I don’t know. I’m not very fashion-y but I was given some good advice; When looking for a job, look for the person you want to work for, not the job.”3t OMG I felt so special like wow this girl really knows how to suck up. And I felt like she was so honest, because yeah, I wasn’t feeling her choice of printed scarf.

And second thing I like to test is their character. I asked Iman how was her ex-boss like. The usual interviews are always a little sigh followed by a complaint about their previous workplace. But Iman’s face lit up, “Oh, Karen! She was like the light of my life. Although I had to move on, I still have so much respect for her. Of course, there were ups and downs but I loved working for her.” I admired her for saying that because it shows that she’s not a complainer and she only spoke kindly of people.

You can see from my instagram how much this woman plays a part in my life. There’s just something about her that exudes positivity and happiness that honestly, even Dean has pointed out that I’m more excited at work when Iman is there cheering me on. I guess that’s just it. Everybody thinks a PA is just someone who sets up meetings and stuff, but the power of PA is so much more than that. PAs who don’t love their jobs is clearly not seeing the big picture, because if you’re alongside the head of the company, you get to learn so so so much and see everything. Even Iman said her job is so eye-opening and rewarding, but with that, also comes a lot of crap. Haha.

For me, I need someone to challenge me, to sense things I can’t sense, to see things I can’t see, to motivate me. And it’s really not easy to be a PA because you’re constantly putting your boss’ needs before yours. It doesn’t matter to Iman if she had a bad morning because when I come into the office, she’s there with a smile and she greets me with her chirpy Morning!!. No matter what task I give her, sometimes even impossible ones, she’ll go, “I’ll sort it out. You go do your thing.” That’s what I love about her; she doesn’t give excuses and she researches things she doesn’t know, I don’t have to spoonfeed anything to her. Except maybe macarons. Her working hours are endless, if I work or travel on the weekend, she has to come, and she’s still in at 8am the next day.

A good PA senses when you are happy and when you are down. And she knows how to handle it. She gives me a pick me up even when I don’t expect one, but puts a stupid joke at the end to make you laugh. Work is serious stuff but it’s a huge bonus if you get to have fun and make new friendships while you’re at it.

Some of our screenshots:

It was a tough day for me but nothing new and I was really ok. But she was so sweet to text me at the end of the day.


Fred is my friend who Iman has a #bosscrush on, dingbat. And her sister is super wonderful so I always tease her that I’ll fire her and take her sister.

But hey, I’m just as sweet. On her birthday, I gave her a present:


I’m lucky to have her in my life and I hope you have an “Iman” in your life too (I don’t mean an assistant, but just someone wonderful and genuine in your life). But having said that, I’m also lucky to have many other amazing people at FV and she’s not in my Top 20 at FV yet. Maybe next year. If her photography skills improve. We’ll see.

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