that scratch

April 28, 2016

Yesterday, Dean and Daniel were wrestling around at home, like they always do, they think they’re some UFC champion guys. -___-” And Daniel accidentally scratched Dean in the face. A little bit of blood came out and we were all panicking, super drama as if someone lost an arm or something. Dean cleaned the wound and kept going ahhhh (in pain) as he put some clean tissue on it. Daniel? He fell asleep, clearly not that concerned.

Anyway, Dean had to go to Jakarta today for a day trip, so when he got back I served him late supper and we hung out at the dining table. His scar was so big guys, but I didn’t want to make him feel conscious about it. He kept talking about his day and as interesting as it was, I couldn’t stop staring at his scar.

“Sorry baby, that’s interesting I’m sure but I’m not listening anymore. That scratch!” I said, pointing at his face, half laughing and half sympathetic.

“I know! Everyone kept looking.”

“Did anyone ask you about it?”

“Yeah, even the immigration lady!” 


People must have thought Dean was in some gangsta street fight that could’ve upped his macho manhood a bit, but oh if they only knew…

That the scary gangsta who beat Dean up looked like this.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.54.36 AM

Oh, Daniel!