the white kotex

April 5, 2016

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Bloated, hungry, moody, tired, want to punch everyone for no reason, ridiculous phrases like “I hate her, I hate the way she breathes”… you know Aunty is comingggg! Run, husband, runnnn!

My period symptoms aren’t very bad actually, but lately I think cos the weather is so hot and I’m always working and when I come home, the kids jump all over me, I get a bit uncomfortable. Like I want to shower and lie under the aircond all day.

One time, I got really annoyed because all the pads in the house finished. I usually keep a stash in the cupboard below the sink but I guess I never realized stock was depleting (or maybe Kak Siti’s Aunty came too). Dean was on the way back so I asked his help to get me some from the shop.

“The blue Kotex one k!”

He came back with some white packets of pads.

“I SAID BLUE!!” I was so annoyed that if I was a cartoon character, I would have smoke coming out of both nostrils and my hair would be standing like I got electrocuted and my eyeballs would be as big as my head.

“You said Kotex!”

“Yes, Kotex is blue.”

“No, the lady said this was their new one. It’s really good.”

How would he know? -___-“

But ok fine. He was not lying.

Because not long after that, my blog manager texted me that I was offered to do a review for their new range; the Kotex Odor Care.

I would normally be embarrassed to say but come on, we all sistahsss here. We do not smell good at that region when we have our periods and we can’t control it!! That’s why I get conscious to change my pad 72 times a day. So when I saw Odor Care, I’m like hmmmm this could change my life.


There are 2 scents; Lavender and Daun Sirih. Daun sirih guys!! How… different! Lavender is known for therapeutic purposes so I was like oh ok, but daun sirih! Did you know daun sirih is traditionally used for intimate hygiene? It makes total sense to use it in pads! So cool that Kotex used natural ingredient extract for this range.

20160315_133713 copy

Verdict; ok I like it a lot, I even flatlay-ed it haha! I wasn’t as conscious about my odor and it was definitely comfortable. And ok, I don’t know if this is psychology or what, but I felt a cooling feeling in that region. Like got my own mini aircond. I don’t think Kotex meant for this, but hey, an added bonus for us customers? I might be deluded, you tell me! You can get your free sample here!

I made Dean dinner that night because I felt bad scolding him for not getting me my normal blue pads. All’s good now.