these two

April 21, 2016

You can probably tell from the frequency of my blog updates that life has been pretty hectic lately. With the reality show, I’m doing so many shoots and appearances that it’s a little overwhelming. And I still have to do my actual work on the laptop etc, and with the traveling, I have been pretty exhausted to be honest. My friends and I were just talking about this; at 20, I could stay up until 2 or 3am, NO PROBLEM. Nowadays… 11pm and I can barely open my eyes anymore. Age is catching up, guys. *noooooo!*

However amidst the chaotic life, I’m feeling very grateful and I’ve really got nothing to complain about. Masyaallah I’ve been very blessed with amazing things and people in my life. And the biggest blessing is in the form of these two cheeky monkeys.

20160420_182826 20160420_182847

Coming home from work to these faces….ahhhh nothing, NOTHING compares. They wait by the door and look so excited to receive hugs and kisses from Dean and I.

Sigh, what has parenthood done to us? We’re balls of goo (especially Dean) when it comes to these two. And they’ve grown up so fast and really having distinct characters already.

Mariam is 1 year and 2 months, and is quite reserved and quiet. She can’t talk yet, but she nods at things she wants and she’ll pull your hand to wherever she wants to go (it’s usually the fridge, that fatty). She’ll fight with Daniel if there’s something she wants that he’s holding and this one really is a go-getter. Doesn’t care about anything, will make you cry and walk away. Haha. A realllll Daddy’s girl, this one. She will drop everything and go to Dean the minute he walks in, and won’t want anyone else after that. There was one time when she was crying and I went to her to pick her up, and she shook her head vigorously like No, woman, you’re not the one I’m calling. -___-” She dances the minute she hears music, but she’s pretty expressionless (just like Daniel when he was a baby too) so it’s so funny when she sways her hip and shakes her head, but with a poker face. Ahhh Mariam, you’re just hilarious to watch. Her fav song is this one:

Daniel is almost 3 now and there’s really no point denying; he’s Mommy’s boy for sure. He is extremely manja with me, mornings with him include me having to roll around and tickle him in bed to wake him up, he always insists that Mommy showers him, and he gets really mad when Dean hugs me (somewhere inside there, I’m sure he loves Dean.. somewhere inside there…). He talks a lot and he’s really cheeky, always asking questions or doing things that he knows people will laugh at. It’s so weird remembering him as a baby because now, he really isn’t one anymore… you can hold a full-on conversation with him, he’s like a little adult! “Mommy, is it nighttime already?” “Mommy, where did the moon go?” “The moon go home?” “Mommy, sit here and look at me play puzzle.” For an hour… Yes, boss. -__-“

Yesterday, Dean was praying Isyak and Daniel looked at me asking, “Mommy, you no pray?”

How do I explain period to an almost 3-year old? Errr… I decided to spare myself the headache of teaching a toddler the mechanics behind a uterus, and went the easy route. “I’ll pray later,” I told him easily.

He then ran around the room jumping around.

“Hey hey, no running around. Why don’t you pray as well? Go follow Daddy.”

“Oh no, Mommy. I’ll pray later like you.”

Ah crap.