weekend getaway in penang

April 9, 2016

We took Mariam on her first ever holiday and also in conjunction with Dean’s birthday. And now we’re in PENANG!!!!!

We did so many things from eating everything under the sun, swimming, parasailing (yep I did that hokayyy!), batik canting, shopping at the stalls, queuing up for cendol. I can’t write much here but you can watch it all on one of the episodes of my reality show (still have to blog about that!). But overall, it was an amazing amazing 3 days 2 nights together and I wish I could stay here longer.

One thing this trip taught me; family is everything. I felt so happy being with them, that even though we were all sweating head to toe carrying the kids everywhere, and I had all sorts of stains all over my clothes, and I couldn’t do the things I liked like ootd and eating at nice cafes, none of that seemed to matter this weekend. People came up to me to take photos and normally I’d be too shy if I didn’t look my best, but I honestly didn’t care.

I, stained outfit and all, am genuinely happy when surrounded with my family. Thank you Allah swt for this blessing in life. I never want this to end.

Hope you liked your first ever holiday, Mariam!


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