May 23, 2016


My kind of perfect mornings 🙂

I still remember when Daniel was 1-ish, we were trying to put him to sleep in his own room. Dean and I (he’s back to Dean now cos Fadza is just too weird haha) were comforting each other that it’s the right thing to do and everyone was telling us that’s the right parenting. He would come back in the middle of the night and I’d only notice it because his feet would be on my face the next morning. With Mariam, she sleeps in her cot from Day 1. We never practised the whole sleeping with Mom and Dad thing since we thought we’d learn from Daniel’s experience that it’s hard to have some space once they’re so used to sleeping with you.

So that’s what we’ve been told about parenting. Whether or not it’s right, we didn’t know.

Nowadays, we even have moments where we come home from work and we actually scoop our kids into our bed because we miss them. It’s now coming to the Raya time so it’s the busiest time at FV so I really feel the workload and I know it affects my kids, especially Daniel. The other day, Kak Siti sent me a picture of Daniel sleeping next to his lego. He told her that he wanted to wait for Mommy to come home, and because I came back so late, he fell asleep while playing. My heart dropped to the basement of the basement. Of course, I rushed home and hugged him to sleep until the next morning. I was all awwww-teary-eyed when I looked at him and he was all oh-hello-Mommy-get-out-of-my-way. Errr I guess he moves on with life a lot easier than me… -__-“

It’s just a temporary peak period but any free time I get, I’m trying my best to spend quality time with the kids. But admittedly, I’m screwing up the routine and discipline departments because I take them to sleep with me and Dean. Some nights after I’ve put Daniel to sleep and I’m about to carry him to his room, Dean and I look at each other and unanimously whisper, “Let’s sleep with them tonight….” because we miss our kids so much! Haha. Screw all the parenting rules!!

Ok, so coming to the serious part. I guess I am torn; disciplining my kids to sleep in their own rooms, or embracing all the time I have with them while they’re still small and wanting Mommy. After all, they grow up sooooo fast that I just want to hug and kiss them all the freaking time before they grow up in a blink of an eye.

Is co-sleeping really a bad thing?

FYI, I slept with my parents till I was 6 and I refused to leave. Maybe explains why I don’t have a younger sibling bahahahah.. eww gross. -____-“