fashionvalet raya fashion show

May 11, 2016

Gaya Koleksi Raya 2016 is part of FashionValet’s marketing campaign for Raya 2016. Our team is proud to be a big part of it and the marketing, buying and warehouse teams especially have been working so hard to make this 4-day fashion week event a success. Unlike a lot of fashion shows, we also had a shopping booth where customers can shop for the items right after the show. So it was amazingggg to see the response of the guests who came to the show and immediately bought the piece they liked.

I can’t help but feel so proud of the team because tbh I didn’t have much part in setting this up. I gave my team full control of this because I also wanted to see how they handled doing such a big event. Gotta say, they made momma proud! I was at every show as a guest literally and I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear because everything ran smoothly.

I’m also so touched that a lot of people from the public came to support this event, whether or not they attended the shows. Our customers came from far just to visit our booth to buy their Raya outfit and this to me, is the highlight of the event. I’m so grateful!


Screenshot_20160511-002135 Screenshot_20160511-002059


20160502_185612 Screenshot_20160511-002139


Screenshot_20160511-002054 Screenshot_20160511-002148 Screenshot_20160511-002121



My amazing team who made it all possible.

Yes, Daniel made a special appearance too 🙂

(also peed all over himself, but let’s not get me started on that…)