happy moms, happy you

May 10, 2016

On the midnight of Mother’s Day, I was in Singapore with Fadza (gonna start referring to him as Fadza now since “Dean” was just a cover-up so my dad wouldn’t know who my boyfriend was 10 years ago hahahah) for a work trip. So, I was looking at pics of Daniel and Mariam and feeling quite down. I should look quite down more often, because Fadza was so sweet to me.

He took me out for a nice dinner in Singapore….


And he also got me thisssssss!!!!!


I love this bag so much cos LV also stands for Love, Vivy (my dad pointed that out so LV is officially my favourite ever brand). And with this bag, when you twist it to open, the buckle says V.


Like it was meant for me.


We took a flight back to KL and immediately rushed to see the kids.


They were obviously excited to see us too…. in their hearts… -__-“

Ahh but we spent the whole day indoors and just playing and jumping around with our kids.

This year, my Mother’s Day was made even more special because I spent it with not just my mom, but the whole gang of girls in the family; my mom, my MIL, my sister, my SIL, her sister and her mom too. The boys were like “What about us?” and we basically handed our kids to them and said “Sort yourselves out, thanks!” Hehehehe.

We went for dinner at Beauty & The Beast, had such a good time gossiping about our kids and our moms imparting parenting tips. We were as usual the loudest ones in the restaurant and this time, also the last to leave. Fadza even called me to ask me when I’m coming home. #partypooper


The daughters


The mommies.

Looking at our moms laughing together, I really feel like printing this out and have it framed. Not a lot of moms and inlaws can get along, but I’m very lucky that that’s not the case for me. A lot of people comment how lucky I am in that department and they’re not as lucky. I know some of them personally and all I can say is love both of them with all your heart. Do it genuinely, have patience and God will ease the way for you.

Some tips, if I may:

Don’t wait for them to get along – actually plan teas or lunches and invite both of them so they have bonding sessions.

Teach your kids to love both grandmas equally – get them excited to see both grandparents equally.

Speak only good things of one mom to the other – never ever gossip or badmouth your moms, that’s just suicidal.

Ask for their help in raising your children – I think it’s a mistake to be too independent, every mom likes to feel needed especially when it comes to their cucu’s. Get them involved in everything!

Cook together – that’s a great bonding session. I love to watch my MIL cook and learn from her, but then I got lazy so now I just eat. Hehe.

Be fair – Don’t play favourites. Even during my confinement period, I did half of it at Mommy’s and the other half at Mak’s. They’re both your moms and they should get equal chance to bond with their grandchild.

Remind your husband to send birthday wishes or mother’s day wishes to both moms – when they see their sons/son in law loving them, it’s also a reflection on you as his wife.

Introduce your MIL to people as “my mom” – I don’t go “this is my mother in law” when I introduce Mak. It’s always this is my mother, because that’s what she is.

Never forget your own mom –  As much as you love your MIL, don’t neglect your mom too. I’m lucky that Mommy isn’t the jealous type, in fact she always tells me to prioritise my MIL. I know some moms who can’t have their daughters love another mom. If this is your case, the only thing you can do is make doa and keep being nice to both.

Bottom line is, put both moms first. You always come second, even to your husband. Accept it and be happy to put both moms’ needs before yours. Prioritise these queens in your lives, because they are your gateway to heaven. Happy moms, happy husband, happy marriage. When you do good, you get good too. When you treat your mothers nice, your kids will hopefully treat you nice too.

It’s somewhat true because look what Daniel made for me!

20160508_174501 20160508_174616

Ok fine. His teachers made it for me… but still! I’m going to keep this forever and ever.