mariam’s first day of school

May 13, 2016

Guess who went to school today?!



At 1 year 3 months, she’s now on a half-week basis as a start because I just want to see if she’s ready or not. It all started when I brought her to pick up Daniel from school and she seemed so curious looking at other kids and wanting to say hi (by hi, I mean point to them rudely and say Ah, Ah!). The teachers said I should try send her once or twice to see if she enjoys it, and if she does, there’s no harm sending her from now. The earlier babies get to socialise, the easier it is for them to adapt to things in life.

Plus Mariam won’t be so bored moping around the house while waiting for Daniel to come home. I swear she was so bored she walked into a wall once.

Anyway, I whatsapped Fadza “Sending Mariam to school tomorrow ok?” And he replied with multiple crying emoticons. -___-” Drama father, this one. He soon agreed and said, “But chop, I’m sending her to school tomorrow!” As if it’s a competition. -___-“

Today, she did sooooo well Masyaallah. Wayyyyy better than her dramatic brother. Well, she didn’t smile or anything (my kids are just expressionless if there are other people around, it’s becoming a thing…) but I could tell she didn’t mind it. She was fixated on the toys and slowly built courage to touch a big ball on the floor of the playmat. We stayed with her for 5 minutes and slowly tiptoed out of the room. I watched her through the glass door and just felt… I dunno… overwhelmed?

My second baby is going to school already!!!!


But mostly, more of that “sebak” feeling. I dunno what sebak is in English – you gotta google that for me please. Somehow sending Daniel and him crying for weeks seems easier than this – maybe because she’s so independent that I feel like I’m losing her and she doesn’t need Mommy anymore. Also didn’t help that Kak Siti messaged me 3 times to remind me to pick Mariam up at 12 sharp. -___-” #ishakutahulah


20160512_093330 20160512_093823

20160512_093501 20160512_093542


But anyway, Fadza and I picked her up and she hugged us and smiled. Kinda like telling us that she was ok, but she’s still Mommy and Daddy’s little girl. Sighhhh Mariam baby, you are just so so wonderful. Such an easy baby since birth, rarely giving us problems or medical scares, just doing your thing and swaying quietly when Daniel sings a song.

Congratulations on your first day, baby girl! Such a big girl you are already.


Mommy loves you. :’)