queen to frog

May 31, 2016

It’s so much fun just watching Daniel play these days because he’s at the stage where his imagination is running wild and he has so much energy he talks allllll day. It’s really bizarre that I can actually have conversations with him because he can talk properly now. Weren’t you cooing in your cot just last week!?!! Ahhh time, slow downnnn.


He still loves his animals a whole lot, and he keeps playing the Hi-5 Farm episode over and over again. Like really. Over. And. Over. Again.

I caught myself in the shower singing “I’m on a jungle safari today… looking for the animals that play.. maybe they’ll be tall or they’ll curl up in a ball.. maybe they’ll be long or maybe big and strongggg,” at this point, I’m doing my deep voice and the flex-my-biceps pose while washing the soap down. “I’m on a jungle safari todayyyyyyy.”

I soon realised and thanked my lucky stars that Dean wasn’t there judging me.

But really, it’s on repeat. I KNOW ALL THE SONGS. ALL OF THEM.

Tonight, I put my phone away (making a conscious effort to do that these days when I’m home with the kids) and was just layan-ing the kids.

“Daddy, you are a lion.” So Dean roared.

“I am a monkey!” Daniel said and tickled his armpits going Oo-oo-aa-aa.

“Mariam, you are an elephant.” Mariam just looked at us, uninterested.

“Ok Mommy, you…. you are a queen!”

“Awwww I’m a queen?!” 

“Yeah,” Daniel came to me and put a nice blanket over my shoulders, “You are a queen.”

“Awww ok ok,” I cleared my throat to get ready my royal voice.” As the queen, I bestow on thou -“

“No Mommy, now you’re a frog.”


From a queen to a frog in less than 2 seconds.

Hot and cold man, this boy.

“Do frog, Mommy!”

“Ribbit, ribbit.”