sneeze it out

May 15, 2016

So we girls got it down when it comes to grooming, right? Cut nails, nice perfume, and wax the usual areas. I think I’ve kept close attention to all the above, until the flight I had to take with Fadza to Bangkok yesterday.

As usual, I’m very manja with him. So I’d snuggle up to him, and hold his hand, and just be all lovey-dovey especially when no one is in sight (Actually I don’t care, people there also I pda – which is annoying, I know). I asked the usual question loved up girls ask their guys, “How much do you love me?”

Usually Fadza will go, “A lottttttttt.”

This time, he didn’t.

He looked at me and studied my face. Then he jerked backwards and said, “Woahh!”

“What, what?!!” I asked, suddenly conscious of my face. Is it my mascara? Did it run? Is it my scarf, did it go senget? Do I have something in my teeth?

Fadza squinted his eyes and came nearer. And went, “Oh no baby… no no no.”


“Hang on, let me snap a picture and show you,” he grabbed his phone (on airplane mode of course) and told me not to move. Snap, his phone took a very close up photo of me.

“What is it?” I asked, romance out the window.

“There, look,” he said as a matter of fact-ly, and showed me a very unflattering zoomed up version of my nose… and one TINY black hair sticking out of it. “Look at that, you have nose hair.” It was so small guys, literally a dot.

“Where got!!” I said defensively.

But still embarrassed, I covered my nose. I mean come onnnn, it’s hard enough being a girl having to wax your underarms, your Brazilian thing, your legs and maybe even a moustache. Who can remember nose hair?!

I get how that can be a spoiler. But it’s on a whole other level with Fadza. Once he sees any shadow of nose hair, he really can’t take whatever you say seriously anymore. It’s one of his biggest pet peeves, can you believe it? The whole flight, I had to hear about how Fadza couldn’t wait to find a pair of scissors to snip off his wife’s nose hair. “Do you have a pair of scissors now?” “It’s really bugging me, baby” “Turn your head the other side so I don’t see it please” “Sneeze it out.” -____-” #thisistruelove #romanceafter10years

So yes, just to remind fellow sistahs out there; scrunch your nose in front of the mirror and see if got hair jutting out or not. If got, my husband might come there and snip it. He snipped mine off. -___-“