that meh feeling

May 26, 2016

I think it’s very easy to get lost in the day-to-day of things. Ever since Iman came into my life, she’s seen the rollercoaster of my job; running around everyday from office to studio to event to warehouse to meetings outside to the shooting of the reality show. This Raya period I’m traveling every single week, and for the last 6 weekends, I’ve been working too. So that’s like no off-days for 2 months; just constantly working throughout. Not even enjoying my Saturdays and Sundays. Any free time I get, straight to my kids. Nothing else matters, I’ve been ignoring new people who message me wanting to meet up for no reason, I’ve been really backlogged on my email correspondence, I’ve been declining event invitations. People might have called me sombong recently even and I don’t blame them, but I honestly don’t care because I’m exhausted. I just need some breather because it’s been really hectic, not just for me but also for Iman because she follows me everywhere.

We had a really interesting conversation tonight about our new feeling of meh-ness.


It’s just so good to share this with someone who truly understands because she sees it too. And life is never perfect, so even when things are going really well, you’re gonna get burned out and tired. So you need someone close to you e.g. your assistant, your colleague, your partner to be each other’s cheerleaders and motivating you to go on. I mean, hello, you guys know I loveeeeeee my job and yet, even I get meh days.

I cut the convo short for you so I don’t bore you, but basically we went on to talk about our declining religious efforts. Basically, I haven’t touched the Quran in so long and that’s so so bad. I realise how happy I am whenever I read the Quran and how calming it is to reconnect with God. I think through the busy period, we often forget that part and yet, that part is the most powerful one giving us renewed energy and rejuvenation to go through our day. That’s why we have prayers also I believe because it gives us peace and calmness every few intervals throughout the day, on top of all the other more important reasons of course. At least that’s how I feel. So just a reminder to all of us… whenever we’re feeling meh and tired, go back to basics; the Quran.