the necklace

May 29, 2016


I look at Mariam and Dean and I just think there’s something special about dads and daughters. It’s crazy, like Dean and I would do the same exact thing but Mariam will always always choose Dean. Sometimes I roll my eyes at Dean, but I always end up smiling when I see her snuggling up to his chest and smiling looking so at peace. I totally get this relationship. Because it’s me and my dad too.

As I grow older, it gets hard to see him everyday because we live apart and when I come over, he’s busy working too. It’s funny that I get updates of my dad on Instagram when people tag me saying “Met @vivyyusof’s cool dad today”. And I’m like ehhh, you’re not in KL?! My dad’s not the type to call and meet up, he’s very much the old-fashioned kind who expects his kids to call him. So I constantly have to plan for weekly dinners and force Mommy to cook for all of us. I’m not complaining though cos hello, free dinner. And without fail, we always have a good time laughing and talking and making fun of Mom and Dad’s silly arguments about nonsense. Sometimes, we get lectured by Dad about things too which is not so fun, but deep down I know that this moment is something I will cherish always. I can’t imagine my life without my parents, they are everything and sometimes when I’m busy living my own life with my own career and my own kids, I forget about them. So this is also my reminder to always make an effort with my parents, because our closeness to our parents should never fade no matter how old we get. In fact, the older, the closer we should be.

I might not see my dad very often because we both travel a lot now, but he’s always in my heart. And believe it or not, when I’m faced with a difficult situation, I picture him telling me that he didn’t raise scaredy-cats and that no problem is bigger than you. That gives me strength to go through anything. I have so much to be thankful for in life, and one big one is my dad. You can’t choose who gets to be your dad, so I think God must love me a whole lot for giving me that wonderful, loving but scary-as-can-be dad. He raised me to be someone stubborn and strong and determined, and honestly, I believe it when my loved ones tell me “V, you’re just like your dad.” Why, thank you for the compliment.


My dad gave me this a few years ago, a necklace from Louis Vuitton. He said it reminded him of me because it stands for Love Vivy and that’s how he feels about this youngest daughter of his. Little does he know that this necklace is the inspiration behind the name of my reality show Love, Vivy. I named it after his necklace.

(Well, also gives me an excuse to buy more LV bags… gotta be smart about these things, you know…)

Anyway, I was just reminded of my dad when I saw Dean carry Mariam to her bed because I remember vividly how he used to carry me to mine. I’d sleep downstairs waiting for him to finish work, and I can see Mariam doing that with her own father Dean. You’re going to have a beautiful relationship with your dad, Mariam. I know, because it’s just like the love between your grandfather and I. Cherish every moment of it. All the scolding, the lectures, the “no you cannot this and that”s, the “where are you do you realise it’s 4pm already”… you will smile at all this one day and realise how lucky you are to have a dad who cares.