us ducks

May 2, 2016

I don’t mention them enough and I really should because they pushed me to blog from the very beginning, and this blog is even named after them. Many ask me, why Proudduck? Well, let me take you back to 2002 where I met this crazy group of girls in school. We grew up together, saw each other everyday, threw notes at each other in classes, talked about college boys together, went through scary exams together. My high school sweethearts were really these girls, we called ourselves the Ducks. Silly I know, but because of that name, we stood the test of time, distance, continents, everything! We stayed close beyond high school and thanks to Facebook and now WhatsApp, not a day goes by without us talking to each other. My phone is filled with selfies of them because we have this thing where we check in to each other and send a “what are you doing now” picture of ourselves to show the rest.

Everyone’s at different stages of their lives now, went to different unis, have different friends who the rest have never met, fell in and out of love with guys the rest have never met but only spoke about, but it’s so interesting how we are all still so united. Two of us are married with kid(s); myself and Pot (a doctor who we all get free consultations about the tiniest bump/rash/bruise/”is this cancer, am I dying” questions) who lives in Singapore after marrying someone from there. Tek lived and worked in the UK (specifically Asos!!) and now is back in KL working at FashionValet (woohoo!), battling a long distance relationship with a nice guy from Germany. Seriously, where are all the good guys in KL?! Boot is back in KL now, on her way to become a hotshot lawyer and I seriously live vicariously through her and her wild adventure about town. We also have Sof (who btw set up this WordPress for me so I owe my whole blogging career to her), she is living life in London as a big lawyer and has no plans to return to KL. All you need to know is she earns BIG bucks in GBP so we are all very nice to her. Last but not least, there’s Amy, who just got married recently and we all witnessed her looking pretty in a white dress tonight at her wedding reception.


Missing Sof tonight, but Baby Hayley is much cuter so it’s ok.

It’s so crazy how 14 years ago, we were giggling in the classroom. And now, so much has changed in our lives, yet we giggled so much in the ballroom tonight like old times. Feels so familiar and it was as if we were going to school again tomorrow or something. Ahhh… made me realise how fast time flies and no matter where you go in life, some things from the past should always be taken with you on your journey. In hopes that it will keep you grounded and remind you of your good memories growing up while making new memories together.

For me, that’s my fellow Ducks.

That’s why I’m Proudduck; proud to be a “duck”.

IMG-20160502-WA0024 IMG-20160502-WA0020

Not proud of our old photos though…*facepalm*

Love you guys long time!