we have to share

May 5, 2016


Every morning the kids wake up and after showering and eating, they play in the toys area. So it’s really a party-pooper thing to go “Daniel, it’s time for school!” and both of them look at me like go-away-Mommy-we-are-playing. There’s no way I can get Daniel excited to leave the house if he’s playing happily with his toys. So one day, I just said “Come on, Daniel, we’re going to be late. You know what, just take your toy and bring it to school.”

Like magic, he stood up and brought his toy guitar to school.

The next day, he brought a toy car.

The next day, he brought Mariam’s pink picnic basket.

The next day, a book that I like to read to him at night.

Thing is, none of these toys make it back home! They’re either lost in school, cause fights because the other children want to play with them too, or Daniel simply left them lying around somewhere. That’s like 100 bucks lost everyday. Daniel going to school = not good economy for the household.

Today, Daniel said, “I want to bring these blocks to school, Mommy.”

“No Sayang, just leave them at home, please?”

“No, Mommy, I want to bringgggggg.”

“No cannot, later the other children want to take it from you.” 

He looked at me and frowned. And then said, “Mommy, we have to share ok?” before turning around and getting his bag.