chips and cookies

June 5, 2016

Our flight was delayed and we had already gone inside the departure gate. Dean asked permission from the crew to leave to the toilet for a while. While he was gone, I whatsapped him an important request.

“Baby since you’re out there, can you buy some snacks for the flight? Maybe some chips or cookies or something?”


I always get peckish on the flight, need to munch on something so I expected Pringles, Mister Potato, maybe some Kettle Chips and dried mango snacks too. So naughty, I know, but once in a while why notttttt. Having that anxiety being in a capsule flying through clouds high up there, let me munch la ha? Oh and don’t forget drinks. Some nice cold iced lemon tea would be nice. I don’t like having to ask the stewardess for things, so BYOF (bring your own food) would be better. Watching a movie on the plane, you just can’t not munch on something!

Dean came back with one plastic bag.

“Oooooh what’d you get??”

“I got what you asked! Snacks.”


On the flight, as soon as we buckled up, I asked for the plastic bag.

This was all there was in there.


Chip. Cookie.

“This was all you got for the entire flight?! Why so kedekut?”

“You said chips and cookies!” 

“Yes, with an s!!”

Mennnn. They’re so literal! No imagination. -___-“

We opened that one bag of chips and guess what, he kept taking and munching and without realising, it was finished even before the plane took off. Then he looked at me and said, “Eh you finished all already?”

No. You finished all already.


Happy Ramadhan everybody!!!! No more snacking, time for purification and improvement. Please forgive me and my family and friends for any wrongdoings we might have done to you, knowingly or unknowingly. Seeking forgiveness all round!