dia ni sapa?

June 22, 2016

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I’m getting more recognised in the public (but really, most are just Daniel and Mariam fans -__-“) but it’s so weird because I’m not a celebrity. I don’t act, I don’t sing, and apart from the reality show, I am not a regular TV personality. I think the people who truly know/recognise me are the ones who have followed my blog from years ago and it’s so nice because you have watched me grow up and read my blog/insta that I wrote from the heart. Even from naughty uni days, you’ve known me and my writings! I like to think that people who know me love me for my real stories and appreciate the fact that I’m not a “celebrity”.

Now when I get stopped for photos in public, I actually hear people walk past and say “Sapa tu?” followed by “Entahhh..” from his/her friend and they both walk away but still look at me up and down trying to figure out which TV drama I acted in (none, obviously haha). It’s quite funny. That one time, Dean and I were at the airport and a group of ladies took a photo with me. A guy came up to Dean and asked, “Dik, dia ni sapa?”

Dean wanted to laugh because the guy clearly didn’t know Dean was my husband. So he played along. “Saya pun tak sure, Abang. Orang cakap dia owner FashionValet, yang online website jual baju tu. Bagus juga website dia tu.” Obviously have to add that latter part, never know he might have a wife or a girlfriend who’s a potential customer. Haha.

I’ve even had one person come up to me and ask me, “You ni famous ke? Kenapa orang ambil gambar dengan you?” Was the most awkward conversation I’ve had ever in my life.

Yesterday I went for a meeting in someone’s office and he gave us a tour of his office. As soon as Dean and I walked into the room, the staff all looked up curiously and this guy said “Guys, let me introduce you to Vivy Yusof. Who here knows her?”


No one raised their hands. One even shook his head no. The other nine just looked away awkwardly.

“You guys don’t know who she is? Seriously?”


“No sorry boss, I’ve never seen her before.”


One guy felt bad and said out loud, “Ohhh I read about you in the newspaper recently.”

Oh God bless you, you liar.

Dean and I laughed so hard in the car when we recalled that moment. I guess it is hard for me to explain what I do. Cos people would say, oh tu je ke, she owns a company and she’s a blogger? So many people do that whattttt. It’s really weird clarifying to someone why people are taking photos with you. You try doing that! Hahahaha. I’m laughing as I type this because that look the man gave me was hilarious like he’s genuinely confused.

But the worst rejection happened to Dean. Poor guy. He always gets mistaken for Syafiq Yusof, the son of the famous producer Yusof Haslam. One time, a group of guys came up to him and asked, “Salam Abang, boleh saya ambil gambar?” 

Dean fixed his shirt and all, and nodded shyly. Finally someone recognised him, not me, and probably appreciates his work in the Malaysian e-commerce industry.

They took out their camera, and one of them asked. “Abang ni Syafiq Yusof kan?”

“Eh, bukan…” Dean said.

They all looked soooooo disappointed that I almost said Just kiddinggg of course he’s Syafiq! just to make them happy again.

They put the camera back and said, “Oh takpelah Abang. Assalamualaikum,” and walked away leaving Dean rejected. You should have seen Dean’s face. It was sooooo funny, we laugh about it till today.

The next time someone asks us who we are, I’m just going to say we are Syafiq Yusof and wife.