first school concert

June 27, 2016


While snapping this photo, I was literally dancing and begging them to at least smile for the camera.



Daniel and Mariam had their first ever school concert the other day and I need to blog about this so they will always remember it. They were both in different classes so they had separate performances so out of the 20 performances there, I stayed the wholeeeee times for TWO short performances. You guys know how excited I am about children… zzzz. -____-” If it weren’t for these two, I wouldn’t have discovered any maternal bone in my body. But anyway, yes, I survived their school concert and clapped for every performance, just to show support to the other kids whose names I don’t know. *bows*

Daniel’s dance performance was a partner one. So he held hands with this girl named Eva (he’s over Caitlyn btw), and boyyyyyy was I upset. I’d share photos but I want to remain private about the kids’ school and also not expose the other kids’ pictures on my blogs too. But let me describe this to you. They were shaking their booties and doing the twist together, all throughout the few minutes on stage. At one point, Daniel made eye contact with me in the crowd, and he shook his booty less. Tau pun. I video-d this, Daniel, so you can watch it on your own (it’s too painful for me to watch). Apparently he and Eva remain close until now, and they love hanging out together in school… so yeah. *knife through chest*

His other “performance” was more of a sports thing before he got his medal. The kids in his class had to jump through hoops on the floor and tag the next person when they’re done. I mean, really not rocket science here but all the parents were cheering and clapping over the children jumping. Hehe. Daniel did such a good job jumping and I was yelling “GOOD JOB, DANIEL. THAT’S MY BOY!!!” Of course, had he not jumped properly and cried or something, I would just remain silent and asked the lady next to me if that was her son.

As for Mariam, she slept. -___-“


She woke up during her performance but refused to stand on her own, so the teacher had to carry her the whole time and danced around on stage. God bless her soul. So much patience, my goodness. Mariam wore a tutu for her “dance” and sunnies too. Was soooo cute. Had she been fully awake, I’m sure it would’ve been cuter. But considering she is one of the youngest in school, I’ll still give her credit! She got a medal too, not sure why.

But it’s so funny la. Both of them had poker faces throughout, and did not look interested AT ALL. Kind of like the picture at the top of this post.

Anyway, what I was inspired most is how the teachers were. The principal gave a speech and you can really sense her love for the kids. It was so honest and pure, which is nice because I’m sure she faced challenges starting up the kindergarten just like any other business. Seriously, I can’t imagine dealing with children all day long, with their million questions and whines and cries, but these ladies do it with a huge smile and a genuine passion for it. We really overlook our teachers, don’t you think? If I could talk to my young self, I’d definitely tell my younger self to always pay respects to teachers. Not easy to be an educator!

P/S: It’s really bizarre for me to have attended my kids’ school concert. I still remember mine!! Goshhh how time flies.