go ask mommy

June 20, 2016

We had an amazing Father’s Day… doing nothing. We always have to rush here rush there, so Dean just wanted a day of just being at home. It was literally Dean’s dream come true. He had a whole day of watching UFC and Naruto and whatnot, and yesterday was the day the phrase “Go ask Mommy” was most overused all over the world. Hehe.

It’s so nice to see Dean in such a relaxed mode, and I know he is happiest when we are all around him regardless of what we’re doing. I have to admit, he’s more a natural parent than I am. I need my me space and I can’t have so much noise all the time (goshhh I’m my dad!), but Dean, omg Dean is like comeeeeee huggggg Dadddyyyyyy alllll theeeee timeeeee. From Day 1 of my motherhood, every night I wake up to breastfeed or make milk, he’s awake too. Daniel was a very clingy baby breastfeeding 3 times a night kind of baby. So Dean downloaded loads of my favourite comedies and watched them with me during my confinement. And I could sleep in the next day but Dean had to be at work the next day. Not only is he such a good dad, he’s an amazing husband too.

Except that one morning when he was scolding me about something. Pfttttt. He dropped me off at Bangsar for me to run errands and he was annoyed with me. Little did he know that “my errand” was just to go to the photo shop to print out his pictures because I wanted to make a scrap-page for him from the kids. Totally made him feel bad afterwards hehe.

Anyway looooook.


It’s so hard to do a surprise for him because he’s always with me. So I literally had only half an hour to finish this when he wasn’t around and another half hour to rush to the frame shop. Kak Siti was the sweetest, helping me cut the pictures according to my desired dimensions. Gotta buy her top-up soon to make her happy.

The kids made him something too! That’s the best thing about sending them to school; they make something for every occasion (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Raya, Chinese New Year), so even if you are too lazy, there’s definitely something that they will give on their own. Haha.


Mariam made him a fish on that top left that says “You’re a great catch”. Daniel’s one was funny though. It was a cardboard with 2 cylinders and we were both like umm… what is this for, Daniel? He looked so hurt like hello isn’t it obvious what I made?!!

I’m going to leave you to guess what that thing on the bottom right is. Haha.

Anyway, we had a nice dinner out and shared a chocolate cake.


Everyone of us had chocolate stains on our clothes, but Dean’s smile never left his face (or heart… awww) the whole night. I’m pretty sure he had an amazing Father’s Day with his 2 kids…. and his thoughtful wife. *curtsies*

I wished my dad too of course! At sahur, I sent my dad a long message to wish him Father’s Day and telling him how much I love him. It was dark and quiet and nostalgic, that I almost cried! Sighhhhh, once a Daddy’s girl, forever a Daddy’s girl. One day, Mariam’s going to be like this too.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there!