love thy pairs

June 15, 2016


I have a shoe addiction and I know it. It’s not even something I’ll pretend to hide because I knowwww okkk. When we moved into this new place, Dean already knew that he had to allocate a section for just our shoes (he’s a big shoe person too). But trust me when I say I love my shoes, I know each and every one of them, I can give you reviews for most brands, I know every stain or scratch and I know which shoes are dying from exhaustion because I use them to death. I know what brands are most comfy and what brands hate feet and want to see them die.

I’ve been collecting shoes for a while now (most are heels, and most are brown and black haha) and it was so funny when I got pregnant and went up a size. From 37 I became a 38 suddenly. I was like uh-oh. Dean was also like uh-oh… Thank God my feet went back to normal size, the world was bright again.

I really feel that shoes need to be treated with love and care, because they’re the dirtiest part of your body after a long day. Walked through mud, stepped on a chewing gum, containing your sweaty and dirty feet that stepped on dust, getting poked by pebbles or nails… all in the name of protecting your feet. (Well, some shoes are mean obviously, they leave your feet with blisters, but let’s not get me started on those…)

So to me, shoes need to be loved:

– Air them always. I don’t like keeping them in closed cupboards, there’s no ventilation and I feel like it gets even more smelly

– Wipe them after each use. I always steal Daniel and Mariam’s wet wipes to clean the inside of the shoes.

– Rotate them. Don’t wear the same ones over and over again, they get tired too!

– Watch what you step on. Suede, leather, satin… ohhh please walk daintily on them. One drop of rain or one step on wet soil, rip beautiful shoes.

– Keep the stuffing to help them maintain their shape. I’m terrible at this, I always lose the stuffing.

– Repair what needs to be repaired. I just sent a bunch of my older shoes to be reheeled or glued back etc.

Anyway, I was suddenly inspired to write about shoes after this useless conversation with Dean:

Dean: Did you know that XX now ships to Malaysia directly? 

Me: Oooh!!! I didn’t know! 

Dean: Yep, I bought 2 pairs today. 

Me: WHAT?! Without me? Why don’t you tell me these things? We could’ve combined shipping so we can buy everything and save on shipping. You never think about me, you always just buy online and not ask me if I want to add to the cart. We’re supposed to be a couple, couples shop together! 

Dean: Where did you buy your last pair of shoes from? 


I bought them online without him. The ones before that too… and the ones before that…

Wow, I am selfish.