mornings with them

June 20, 2016

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Mornings with my babies are seriously the best. They’re both morning people so they wake up with a smile and Dean and I would tickle them in bed together before all of us get ready for work/school/nap (in Mariam’s usual case… zzzz….). I value my mornings so much so I get really annoyed when people rush me, because I really want to just focus on being a mom in that one hour. Joke with the kids, cuddle them, and most importantly, I always try my best to make sure I’m the one showering them every morning.

Not only is this bonding time for mom and kids, but it’s also for me to check anything on their bodies; marks, bruises, and rashes etc. During busy periods at work, I barely have time I’m rushing everyday so I leave their nannies to shower them, but I never feel satisfied. One time, I was changing Mariam’s diaper and found red patches around her down there and I quickly put cream on the area. Felt like such a crappy mom, I tell you.

I care about their skincare and I get very irritated when they have rash or when mosquitoes bite them. (Want. To. Kill. All. Mosquitoes.) I was recommended this new brand called Zwitsal which is really good for babies. I was skeptical at first because I’ve never heard of it, but later learned that it’s a leading brand in Europe for the past 100 YEARS (that’s a longgggg timeeee) and it’s also the No 1 brand in The Netherlands and No 3 brand in Indonesia. It’s only entering the Malaysian market now so I’m quite curious to try them out.

They are known for their yellow brand colour and the drawing of that cute happy baby on the products. I saw that they had a hugeeee range, but I got some basics first to try them out.


Some facts that are useful to other moms:

  • – They have 2 ranges; Classic and Natural.
  • – Made of natural plant ingredients
  • – pH balanced
  • – extra soft formulation
  • – tested hypo-allergenic

Bottomline is Zwitsal is safe for sensitive baby skin. And if they’ve been in the market for 100 years, I think we can trust them!

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.01.55 AM Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.02.00 AM


Showered both kids in the Natural Bath and Natural Shampoo. Did you know their shampoo contains celery, candlenut and aloe vera? A pretty unique combination, I must say.


Then after drying, I rubbed the Classic Baby Powder and Classic Baby Lotion on them to last them through the day.


For Mariam’s sensitive skin, I needed this Natural Baby Skin Protector Lotion to reduce redness and irritation. This is their Star Product! At a baby fair in Sabah, I learned that 300 bottles were sold in just 3 days! This one can act as a mosquito repellent (the only one in the market right now) which is amazing for our country (and for balik kampung time this Raya soon!).


Safe to say, my babies are happy and Mariam’s redness is gone too!  My morning could not get any better 🙂


So you can stay in their shower and make friends with Mr Crab, Mrs Dolphin, Mr Turtle…..

You too can get Zwitsal, find out more here or their Facebook page.