have you seen my passport?

July 10, 2016

Ok so let me fill you in on my family holiday that didn’t happen this week.

We were all set, did our packing list, set aside all the kids’ jackets and shoes and clothes and medicine (this is our first real family trip with both kids so I was very nervous and kiasu – brought whole medicine cabinet). I slept at 2 am planning my outfits (I was going for comfortable but stylish mom – like oh look I’m wiping my kids’ snot but don’t you like my jacket? – it’s hard planning this because mom=flats, winter=thick clothes, with tudung on top plus being short, if I do it wrong I’ll look like a puffy walking marshmallow -___-“). Dean also packed – took him like 15 minutes, I wonder how it’s like to be a guy. Living life so carefree-ly.

It was a few hours more till we have to leave for the airport. I was thinking ok, do I really need to bring 2 strollers? Or can I just bring 1 so we have less things to lug around, and then pick who is our favourite child at the moment and let him/her sit in there. Ok la, bring 2 strollers. I don’t want to regret not bringing things…. OOOOHHHH! I forgot underwear! So I walked to my wardrobe and picked out the cutest underwear and while I was there, I added 4 more outfits JUST IN CASE. Remember my friend Kim who quit FV to move to Australia with her husband? Well, she’s staying there and we were soooo excited to see each other again, messaging each other everyday to plan outfits. So I gave her live updates of my packing.

Just when I was about to pick out a fifth just-in-case outfit, Dean called me out.






And there it was. The 5 words that will change our fate that day.


Only 3 out of 4 passports found.

We sat down many times to retrace back Dean’s footsteps since his last time with his passport. We had been traveling so much the past month so we couldn’t really remember which airport experience belonged to which trip. Our last trip was Brunei so we traced back my photos (see, now everyone suddenly likes the annoying person who takes photos of everything) to see what we were wearing and where we headed to right after the airport. I went straight to warehouse from airport and Dean took the ERL to get his car in the basement parking, and drove off to Cyberjaya to give a talk. He had his bag on him the whole time and he was sure the passport was in there. But wait… when we split, did he pass me his passport for safekeeping in my bag? Or did I take it from him after immigration like I sometimes do? Arghhhhhh why don’t we have all the answers!?! Passport where could you be? Did someone steal it? But why would they steal a passport and not money? Wouldn’t you take the money first?

For the next 5 hours, we ransacked the whole house. Under the carpet, in the fridge, in all the pockets, in the laundry, in the flower pots, in all my handbags, in all the paperbags in the store room, in between sofa cushions, inside the sofa cushion, heck at one point I had my head inside the microwave looking for Dean’s passport… omggg we were getting so frustrated. We checked all the cars THREE separate times at different hours, Dean went to the office, to his parents’, to the warehouse. That tiny little red book was nowhere to be found. We had a quick lunch to nurse our depression, and started looking all over again everywhere. If you had a camera in our house and fast-forwarded us, you would have laughed. Run here, take out everything, put back everything, hands up in the air just like The Sims character when they’re mad, run to another spot, hands up in the air, repeat. By the end of it, our eyes were so red and we were sneezing because of all the dust from all the carpet rolling.

Mom and Mak kept calling us, worried and wanting to check in. They were giving suggestions, check under the carpet, check in the drawers, check in your bags. Then after the 6th call, Mom called us and said, “I think maybe you’ve lost it la.”

YA THINK, MOMMY?!!!!!!!!!?!?!!?

Daniel kept watching us and pretending to look through the drawers too but not knowing what’s going on.

“Daniel, did you take Daddy’s passport?” I asked Daniel.

“No, but I took his phone.” Ahhh honesty is the best policy. But not helping.

I looked at Mariam with her pigtails holding her security blanket. She was swaying from side to side singing something that sounds like a Hi5 song on a broken radio. She could be the culprit.


She looked at me with her big eyes.

“Mariam, did you take Daddy’s passport that looks something like this?” I held up my passport to her.

She looked at me blank.

“Ok Mariam, here you go… take this passport.” I put it in her hand and she looked at it curiously and then smiled at me. “Ok… now if you had this passport, where would you play with it? Go go, take it to places and I’ll follow you ok?”

I was desperate, ok?! And you never know, it could have been the kids playing with it and stuffing it dunno-where. I trailed Mariam for a good 10 minutes while she held my passport and walked around the house singing songs. Come on Mariammmm, find Daddy’s passporttttt!


At 7pm, we were supposed to leave for the airport.

I looked at Dean. “Should we give up? It’s been 5 hours.”

We both sat on the couch and looked really sad and defeated. And then we sneezed together while looking at our packed suitcases on the floor.

That night after we’ve eaten some ice cream to cheer ourselves up, we called up a bunch of people and finally managed to change our dates for both the hotel and the flights. Thank GOD!!!!

So yes, lesson learned.

That red book may be small but dangggg it’s mighty.