mariam does her passport

July 1, 2016

Everyone who follows my Insta posts would know that I’m super busy at work with the Raya madness now. Everyday it’s late nights in the warehouse and the beauty is that the team bonds so much every Ramadan, we pray together, we break fast together, we laugh and sweat and get stressed together. It’s a huge learning curve this year because we were doing so many things at once and we could have done few things better, so definitely this Raya period was an experience we would never forget. Amidst the stress, I managed to sneak in some time to…. BOOK OUR FAMILY HOLIDAY POST-RAYA!!!!

This is Mariam’s first time traveling so I had to take her to do her passport today because it was the only morning I had free. I decided to be brave and just take her alone, no nanny or Kak Siti or moms or anyone to help me out. So one hand carrying my bag (filled with wet wipes, biscuits, her toys), slinging her security blanket around my neck, one hand holding her documents and carrying her as well because she refused to be put down and sit on the chair…. like normal people. -___-” It was an experience and I dropped things along the way, but kind souls helped me pick them up. God bless these kinds of people.

Anyway, when we got to the counter to take your number, the ladies told me the morning slots are closed and I have to come back in the evening.

“Nooooo… tolonglah cik. Saya rushing sangat ni tolonglah cik…” I begged them, trying to put on my charm.

“Tak boleh, Puan. Memang dah full sangat-sangat ni.”

“Tolonglah cik, saya bawa baby saya nanti dia nangis. Saya datang jauh ni..,” Well, no one defined what jauh was… 2 km can be considered far too….

“Eh, awak bukan yang ada rancangan kat Astro Ria tu ke?” the lady said, calling her friend.

Ahhhh crap. Was going to say I came all the way from Johor where I live.

In the end, they were so kind to let me through because babies have special privileges. Did you know that?!! I’m totally bringing Mariam everywhere I go.

Anyway, it was so hard to get her to take a photo. She’s feisty so she was screaming and crying, tears flowing down like river that the lady had to photoshop her tears away. Mariam, you drama queen you.

IMG_2444 IMG_2449


Look at herrrr, she looks so happy to be with mommyyyyy. -___-“

(I know my eyebags are so big they need their own passports too)

She wore a really cute lace dress, but I didn’t know you couldn’t wear white so they covered the dress with a not so fashionable black cloak. Boo. She also wore Sereni & Shentel bow clips for the most important photo of her travel life, but they said cannot also. Double boo.

After everything was done, I felt so proud like fuhhh I totally rocked this mom thing. Look at me, being all independent taking my baby out and holding documents and whatnot. *blows nails* This is super easy!

And then I got this text:


Ughhhh Vivy Yusof you are an embarrassment! I had no idea my baby was walking around the immigration building with one shoe on only. #fail

Oh well, I present to you… Mariam’s most important photo of her life:



Ok I’ll delete this post when she grows up so she won’t know I made fun of her.