mariam’s first word

July 17, 2016


Mariam’s first word was Daddy.

Well, it was more like didi.


Let’s not talk about this.

Today, for the first time ever she said Mi. Short for Mommy obviously, so I was sooooo excited. She says Mamamamama all the time, but I’ve been teaching her to say Mommy. Every time I see her, I’m like Ma-Mi-Ma-Mi-Ma-Mi. She just looks at me and laughs. But tonight… ahhh tonight, the stars are aligned, the moon is shining bright, smiling down at me.

Mariam said, “Mi” while she looked at me. I smiled and looked away pretending to be cool. If you show too much excitement, kids will stop doing it – I’m telling you, it’s a theory. For a good 5 minutes, she kept saying Mi, Mi, Mi, Mi… ahhh it was like music to my ears.

Daniel said, “Mommy?” and I went Ssshhhhhh to him because I wanted to hear Mariam say it. Hahahah. Like sorry Daniel, but it’s not cute anymore for you because you say it twenty five thousand times each day.

“Mi? Mi?” Mariam continued saying.

I continued smiling. Mannnn, she really loves me. She’s been saying it so much tonight.

“Miiiiiii!!!!” Mariam said pointing to something.

I looked at thing she pointed at.

It was her bottle of milk.

The whole night, she wasn’t saying Mi for Mommy.

She was saying Mi for Milk.

Knife. Thought. Heart. Shattered. All. Over. Floor. Not. Speaking. To. Mariam. Ever.