siti poppy

July 29, 2016

Ok only my long time Proudduck readers would understand my excitement for this, hehe. Others would find this show-off-y but I promise you it’s nothing like that. It’s just that I’ve been talking about this a few times in my blog and I’d just like to share with you the story behind this thing I want to introduce to you.

It was a hot hot hot day in Paris recently and I really couldn’t be bothered to walk around the city any longer, but it would simply be rude not to visit the holy walls of Hermes. Even if you don’t buy anything, you should at least kirim salam. Hehe. Dean wanted to get a few things for him, and I SWEAR I HAD NO INTENTION TO BUY ANYTHING.

I walked in and I’ve never seen a crowded Hermes like the one in St Honore. It was crazy, other departments were busy but not nearly as busy as the bag department. You can’t just get assistance from the sales assistant, you need to line up. Line up to enquire about a bag you want? Non non, ma cherie… line up TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO GET ASSISTANCE. It was madness, everyone in there had a Birkin. You have the rarest orange Birkin? Please stand in that common-ers corner over there. Make way for the crocs, ostrich, diamond encrusted, multi-coloured croc diamond encrusted, you name it… this was probably the most glamorous line of ladies in the world…and their unhappy bodyguards. I mean seriously, wearing a Birkin to that Hermes store won’t get you recognised. At all. I suggest you wear your Sofina bag to stand out.

Dean was being served at the men’s shoe department and I was sitting on the couch… you know, people watching because it was just so interesting. Deep down, I knew if I had the chance to buy a bag, I would grab it just because it was so hard to buy one and there’s no feeling like buying directly from the store itself. It’s not whether you have money or not, because these sales people were surrounded by people willing to pour money at the salespeople.. and their families if that would help get a Birkin. It’s just your luck if you came at the right time. But no, I wasn’t going to spend hours queuing because well…. boring Dean wouldn’t let me.

As he was settling the bill, the salesman looked at me. “Eez zer anyzheeng your wife vould like ezz well?”

Hehe you sly little fox you. The question all husbands dread. But anyway, pass me a pen, I’ll write you a list.

“No, no, it’s okay. Thank you sir, you are very kind to ask,” I said to him with a smile.

Come on, monsieur… you know I want like 20 things in here. What, have you just met women?

Dean suddenly said, “Well, my wife has mentioned that she liked this bag called Herbag. But the line is too long at the bag department…”

What. The. Heart. Melt. He. Does. Listen. When. I. Talk. During. Football. Matches. On. TV.

“Ohhh, I’m sorry monsieur, I am not een charge of zee end-bag zeepartemont….” He looked at me as I just smiled, “Ummm, but hold on, let me zee what I can do. You ztay ere, madame.” And he disappeared.

Whoaaaa. Is this for real!? I need to see this smile of mine. However awkward I looked, I guess it worked because he came back with a huge orange box. Ohhh the amount of eyeballs that were glaring at me because I didn’t have to queue… I barely noticed because my own eyeballs were about to fall out of my eye socket when he pulled out a Herbag in a gorgeous orange shade.

“Zees is zee only one in Paree.”

Oh monsieur, you argh zuch a lai-yergh. You ave fifty morgh in zee back.



I immediately sent the picture of this bag to the one I was dying to tell. My dad, with a message “I really am your daughter for skipping the queue!” (Only those who know the story of my Birkin will understand this). I told you guys I wouldn’t get a Birkin at my age now, but a Herbag is way too cool with the casual canvas and the price… I was surprised to find out it’s even cheaper than a lot of other designer bags! So I couldn’t resist.


I have been dying to wear this bag out but thought I should blog about this and blab to you my excitement first hehe.

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Ok sorry I lied. I didn’t even think about you guys…. or my sister or my mom for that matter. I changed immediately and wore it that evening itself. Hehe this bag is very bad influence on me. But only worn this once, I swear.

Welcome home, Siti Poppy! You were meant to be mine.