getting recognition

August 26, 2016

Rezeki just comes unexpectedly most of time, when you least expect it to. When Dean and I work, we really really don’t look for any recognition or to win awards or anything like that. It’s truly what we love doing, building a business together, and what’s best is that we get to help the brands we carry too. As FashionValet grows, so do the 500 labels and counting under us. I love love love my job and this really motivates me to go higher.

No one knows the pressure entrepreneurs have, from small to big decisions, from recruitment to resignations, from achievements to failures, from acknowledgments to rejections; every entrepreneur will have to face all of these, no matter who they are or what their background is. I wish I can write a book about being a young entrepreneur, being criticised and doubted all the time! I couldn’t go through all of that without Dean as the coolest partner in the world, so who you choose as your partner is important. I’d say it is so so important that the success or failure of a business can really depend on the synergy between partners.

Last week, amidst the crazy fashion week, we got an email that we received an award from MATRADE. I had to sit down because I thought it was a prank haha. Masyaallah, it was real! I hardly get physical awards like trophies or plaques, so I’m a bit jakun here sorry guys haha. It’s sitting nicely next to Daniel and Mariam’s fish tanks.




The only decent photo with our Minister. Hehe.

Thank you MATRADE for the recognition. We will continue to prove Malaysia’s worth in the regional arena.

Also, my Tastemakers Episode comes out this 28 August 2016 at 10.30pm on Life Inspired. This is one of my favourite interviews because I talked a lot about my childhood and I reminisced a lottttt.


Hope you’ll tune in! The pre-interview is also out here.

I’ve been so blessed this past year with a lot of spotlight on FashionValet. Getting recognition is amazing of course, but I hope to always treat is as an added bonus and not something I chase. I’m allowed to gush about it for 5 minutes (kasi chance la!), but after that, it’s reality again. I never want it to get to my head. Whether or not you get recognised for what you’re doing, if you truly believe that you’re doing good for others (and yourself), never stop. Always remember why you started.