mine all mine

August 28, 2016

Ok I have to admit. Going to the toy store is as much a treat for me as it is for the kids. Hehe. I keep looking at all the toys and going OMG OMG OMG. I mean, they have a mini cashier now guys, with credit cards and money and even the conveyor belt! They have vacuum cleaner, they have ironing set, they have a microwave, they have a baking set… I totally need them! My kids totally need them to learn ummm, you know, ironing  their own clothes and all.

The kids get one toy each so they have to choose carefully.

Mariam was quick in her decision; the bus shape sorter.

The box is big and colourful. There’s sound and all… good choice, baby girl.

Daniel walked around the shop, clearly overwhelmed. In the end, he chose a cupcake tower.


Wrong choice, my son. It’s the smallest box there and I know he’ll get bored of it very soon. But hey, his choice was 30% off, so Mommy ain’t complaining.

We got home and Mariam fell asleep. Daniel, excited, opened the cupcake tower and played by himself. After 5 minutes, he looked at me. “Can I open the bus now, Mommy?”

“No, it’s not yours. You have to wait for Mariam to open it first.”

He grumbled and went to Dean. “Can I open the bus now, Daddy?”

Cheh. But it’s ok, Dean said the same thing I did.

I swear he watched the clock, walked around the house with a blank face, checked in on Mariam to see if she was still sleeping. Suddenly, he came to me and said, “Mommy, Mommy, Mariam’s awake!!” I was enjoying my iced tea on my Sunday, and didn’t hear a thing! I went closer to the room and yes, Daniel was right, Mariam was awake calling for me. Wow, when it comes to toys, he’s got bionic ears.

The first thing Daniel said to Mariam, “Mariam, you’re awake now. Do you want to open your bus?”

Mariam looked at him, rubbing her eyes, obviously still grumpy and groggy.

“Yes, Mariam, yes??” Daniel asked her, holding her shoulders, while nodding at her. So she nodded too for no reason.  -___-“

“Mommy, she said yes,” he grabbed my hand and dragged us both to the bus.

5 minutes later, the bus is all Daniel’s and Mariam is crying because she can’t play with it.

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“Daniel, you must share!! If not, I’ll take it away,” I scolded him.

“OK MOMMY I WILL SHARE. Here, Mariam, you can have this,” and gives Mariam one of the smallest parts of the toy.


“Mommy, did you see? I share with Mariam.”

More like you gave her a tiny wheel to get lost.

Sound effect: Mariam crying for another 5 minutes while they fight over the bus.

Gahhhhh! And it’s vice versa btw. Mariam also refuses to share sometimes.

How do you guys teach kids how to like sharing?????