August 23, 2016

Daniel. Does. Not. Stop. Talking.

And nowadays he interrupts me when I’m talking to other people, because he’s so excited to tell me something (usually it’s something really not that interesting like “Look Mommy, this is a tissue”). If I don’t acknowledge when he calls me, he gets really annoyed and he will keep on calling you until you answer. I’ve taught him to say “Excuse me, please?” if he needs to interrupt for important things. So now he just goes “ExcusemeexcusemeexcusemeexcusemeMommy” when I’m talking to people and he expects me to acknowledge him first. Otherwise, I’m the rude one. Salah concept, boy.

He’s also at the why stage.


He loves going to the supermarket, so I always like to take him with me and just show him the different types of meat, fruits and vegetables. Tonight we went to the supermarket but we were too late, it had already closed. He looked unhappy.

“How come the supermarket is closed, Mommy?”

“Because it has opening hours from a certain time in the morning until a certain time at night. Outside that time, it closes.”


“Because that’s how shops work. There is a time they open and a time they close.”


“Because the workers there want to go home and sleep.”


“Because just like you, everybody needs to go home and sleep. Then they come to work again tomorrow morning and the supermarket opens again.”


“What do you mean why, I’ve explained everything clearly!”


Phew, he got it.

A few seconds later,