landed in tokyo

September 7, 2016

I’m in Tokyo now!! Can’t wait to blog more about this trip. Bet you’re like she’s such a liar. Ok fine, I still owe you New York and Melbourne posts, so I should stop making blog promises *hides under covers*

We’re here for the first time ever so I’m really excited. Spent the plane ride reading about what to do and where to go in Tokyo. Learned some Japanese words like Muji, Uniqlo and Toyota… hmmm pretty sure I won’t survive here haha.

It’s a work trip as we’re meeting our Japanese investors (news reports here and here in case you didn’t know about the Series B funding news) and having a tour of their operations. I’m sooooo excited because their warehouse is acres-wide and they have conveyor belts and all…. I might just pee in my pants in awe. E-commerce heaven, I tell you. I’m so thankful Masyaallah for this partnership. Because when we were fundraising, everyone could just offer money, but not much synergy or extra expertise we could leverage on to improve… then suddenly they came knocking on our doors and it was like fate. Allah swt works in amazing ways, there’s a reason for everything. Anyway, the Love, Vivy crew should’ve come on this trip because I would’ve loved to share this experience with everyone, but they don’t allow any cameras in their compound here, so boo. Gonna cram as much as photographic memory as I can into my brain.









First night in Tokyo, we walked around Ginza just now. I gulped each time I saw a designer store. It’s not just a store here guys, it’s a whole building. #prayforfadza

Anyway, some good news to share!

I’m officially the first ever hijab Friend of Louis Vuitton and I can’t believe it. I feel so proud that finally an international luxury brand acknowledges someone in hijab, because seriously a lot of these brands refuse to associate themselves to any Islamic element. So yay LV for breaking the mould!


Read the full article here.

Penangites, you know what to do this weekend!