peace of mind

September 28, 2016


Wearing The Oops dUCk, Tavi checkered top and Aria pleated pants (both in several colours from XS to XXL) from FV BASICS and flats from NH by Nelissa Hilman. All from FashionValet online and in Bangsar and Singapore stores. 

So I’ve still been limping for a while. The doctor gave me anti-inflammatory medicine which helped but pain came back once my 5-day course is up. It’s not so great when your schedule is full of meetings that have been booked ages ago and you can’t just cancel last minute. Most of them have been very understanding but it’s more me that feel the pain the more I strain my feet. Acupuncture is not making much difference tbh but maybe that’s because I’ve only gone 3 times and not consistently. When Dean mentioned diabetes, I freaked out and started googling all sorts foot gangrene and almost cried myself to sleep preparing for my death. Husbands, sometimes… -___-“

Today I surrendered and went to the doctor again. He gave me a jab (5 minutes of me whining like a baby, was not fun) while I sat like a little girl and hugged a pillow in one hand and clawed on to Iman’s shoulder in the other hand. Iman was laughing at me the whole time, clearly she doesn’t want a raise.


Turned out jab wasn’t painful but I was really scared so I was shivering around my knees haha. I was still shivering there even an hour later just because I was so scared of moving my feet in case anything goes wrong since the medicine just went in. What if I moved and it flows to the wrong area? I DON’T KNOW OK ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN WE DON’T KNOW WHAT’S INSIDE OUR BODY.

Of course, me being the drama queen that I am…



But really, I couldn’t feel my feet because they were numb. It was pretty fun being wheeled around, but I started to get conscious because people were looking at me and I didn’t know what to do with my hands… do I put them down, do I scratch my nose, do I cover my face… I felt so conscious! #wheelchairproblems

Also another wheelchair problems (besides the pain obviously)…


Buffets aren’t so great for people on wheelchairs. -___-“

Next time if we see someone on a wheelchair at a buffet, we really should help.

I felt super gangsta today after the jab, so I voluntarily asked to do a blood test. Even people my age now have so many health complications so age is no longer an advantage. Also, with my kind of lifestyle (junk food + no exercise and greens), I really needed a peace of mind that I’m not diabetic or having high cholesterol or arthritis or kidney problems or whatever. Iman always lectures me about my lifestyle and she’s one step away from moving into my house with her yoga mat and organic salads and whatnot that she’s into. So yes, blood test needed.

I made Iman do it too. Suffer together la huh?



And guess what guys…

I had no red marks on my report (red means you’re out of the norm) and Iman did!!!! Oh how I gloated, and ohhh how she hated that. Hahahaha. Don’t worry, she’s only like 1 or 2 above the ranges, nothing serious, but stilllllll. Miss Organic sure had an earful from me about how veggies are a myth. (Ok ok I know it’s not, don’t bash me, I’ll start eating vege soon). But we gotta work on Iman first, that chick has high cholesterol.


Anyway, I took the day off and put my feet up a bit today. Well, as much as I could. Quite hard when Daniel kept asking me to catch him, and Mariam kept wanting to be carried. And the office group chats were buzzing the whole day as usual and I just can’t not click on it to know what’s going on in the office.

But honestly, I felt really really relieved. A simple blood test can give you a peace of mind and let you know early if you have any issues in your body. We’re all scared to find out just in case we discover things that we don’t want to, but it’s always good to catch things early. So, guyssss, if you don’t do regular checkups, let’s try do a blood test every now and then to get ourselves checked k?


As for me, I’m going to start juicing and maybe do home workouts more frequently. And I guess my heels will just be my flatlay props from now on. Haha (But no, doc said I could wear heels if I wanted to, just not for long periods, so it’s not entirely goodbye my beautiful shoes).