thank you, mr. cot

September 4, 2016

People keep asking us, So when’s Baby No 3 coming? And we would just shake our heads vigorously, almost shouting “Not anytime soon” unanimously. Of course, at the time people always ask, Dean is carrying Mariam wiping her snot and head to shoulder with a phone in between answering a call, while I am trying to wipe ice cream all over Daniel’s nose and trying hard not to get some on my white outfit!

Dean and I haven’t discussed this officially but we both kind of agreed that we wanted Mariam to have a nice couple of years being the youngest and having as much attention as possible. Daniel had a good year plus of just having us fully, and when Mariam came out, it’s always been shared attention for her so we just want to make sure she feels crazy loved by us. Realistically, we have so much pressure managing and expanding FV and dUCk , that we’re not even thinking about having another baby. Plus, we just paid the school fees for both children and gulped a little. That’s just one term… and it’s playschool!!! I’d do a double gulp if I had to pay for 5 or 6 children’s education (Seriously soooooo much respect for you guys who have lots of kids!).

We’re in the midst of doing up Daniel and Mariam’s rooms and getting rid of old things that they don’t need anymore, like their old clothes, Daniel’s small bed, the big changing table… and sadly, the cot too.

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Ahhhh soooooo many memories of them in here, I think I’d cry buckets if I go through old photos of them in this cot. Dean climbing in there snuggling up to Daniel, Mariam lifting herself up for the first time holding those railings, me bending over it to lift the babies up to breastfeed. Those wheels have touched every surface of our home, from our old rented apartment to the one we have now. They’ve stopped next to the dining table while I work on the laptop and the babies are asleep, they’ve stopped next to the bed when we sleep at night, they’ve been in the kitchen when I had to cook and Daniel won’t let me leave him, heck, they’ve even been in the toilet while I shower and I worry the babies cry and I can’t hear. This cot… sigh, it’s been there watching these Daniel and Mariam grow up and finally now growing out it.

Ah mannn I’m crying already guys!!!!!!!

I’m not crying because I’ll miss the cot! Goshhh it’s gotta go already because we’re running out of space in this house, and I’m not having a baby right now. I’m so happy this cot will now give happiness and memories to another family. But I guess it’s such a bittersweet feeling seeing the kids grow up so fast. They were such cute tiny little minis that go cooo innocently, and now they carry their own bags to school every morning and sometimes don’t even look back anymore. Soon kindergarten, then primary school, and then soon they’ll be walking to uni. STOP MOVING SO FAST, TIME, WHAT IS THE RUSH.

OK that’s it, I want another baby!!!!!!