celebrating our 10 years together

October 15, 2016


We were at Hyde Park, so so so in love, even the pigeons were rolling their eyes. He rowed the boat while we went paddling softly in the lake and we made jokes and smiled thinking about us.

10 years later….


You row your own boat, dude.


We are officially 10 years old, me and Dean. Today! We’re in Ubud, Bali now and it’s just soooooo beautiful. It’s been absolutely magical, he got us a romantic private villa away from everyone and it’s just been absolute privacy. But then… we woke up this morning, and he couldn’t stop smiling… not the cute smile, the he he he smile.

Now I know why.

Here I am, with this ungodly stretchy suit and my dUCk is just as uncomfortable as I am. I’m going to kill him. -_____-“

When I think about me water rafting, I think a cute outfit, with my Dior sunnies, and those cool rubber Givenchy slippers. Maybe some nice metallic paddles that sparkles in the sun. Reality: Diving suit that says Dolphin on it, a big helmet that says Sobek on it, and a huge bright yellow paddle. Nothing shiny, except my forehead.


Dean couldn’t stop laughing at me. On our anniversary, pfttt. Water rafting wasn’t romantic, it’s not like we could stop and stare into each other’s eyes and smile and kiss. No please, we’re paddling to save ourselves from rocks and rapid water (without seatbelts btw) trying to not get eaten by crocodiles, so you’re own your own mister. See you on the other side, if you make it.

Our guide thought it’d be funny to sway the raft underneath a waterfall so I was wet head to toe. Pretty sure I ate a bug or two…. Or a branch… I wanted to fix my dUCk after that but drenched wet, I just shrugged and thought Ah what the heck, no one cares, Vivy.

Ok but jokes aside guys….


I LOVED WATER RAFTING!!!! It was so thrilling, and the river was so nice and serene. When we weren’t going through rocks, it was still and quiet, and you just can’t help but feel like you’re in heaven. It was soooooooooo beautiful. And when we were going through rocks, it was so fun and exciting. And I’m kidding about it not being romantic. Dean and I managed to steal many glances at each other and smiled. Him obviously thinking man I love this woman and me thinking man you had better book a spa for us later.

Little did I know, he did.

And a very romantic dinner too.










At dinner, I was telling him how I felt so energised after water rafting and how I think I have a nature-loving side of me after all. I mean, I was pretty good at paddling guys. I paddled way better than that white guy in front of me.

“I think I’m really good at water rafting,” I announced to Dean, serious.

“Yeah, baby, you were! I’m very proud of you.”

“No, like seriously… I was leading the pact and all! I think it could be a sport I could excel at.”

“Ok relax lady, we were chilling on a boat.”


This morning, we woke up and our legs were sooooo sore because we had to go down a gazillion steps to the river down the cliff. We had plans to visit rice terraces and all, but we canceled and are now lazing in front of our pool waiting for our massage. Limbs. So. Sore. We. Are. Getting. Old.

Happy 10th year anniversary, baby! To many more decades of us.