dUCk alphabet collection

October 22, 2016

Everytime I pass a big showcase at the concourse of a mall, I think Wowww this must cost a bomb, followed by Mannn I want to have that someday, it would be a dream come true.

And so one of my dreams came true this month because dUCk had a showcase of our latest collection at the whole concourse of Bangsar Shopping Centre. We initially wanted Pavilion because it made sense since we have the store there (omg I can’t believe I missed blogging about that!), but their available dates didn’t match ours. So BSC would naturally be our next choice since we started off with joining bazaars in BSC and they’ve been so supportive to us.

We hired an established event company for this because as much faith as I have in the team, D and I both agreed this is a big deal and we don’t have the experience to roll it out. Event setup, crowd management, POS system, security, we got the best because we wanted a pleasant experience for dUCkies and also new people coming by to see what was going on.

The collection? Ahhh… I just cannottttt, I love it so much. The first in the country to roll out an alphabet collection with 26 unique designs to choose from, and across different products too; scarves, twillies, notebooks and the most exciting for me, tote bags! People who came thought we were an international brand and that just made my heart grew bigger. But actually the team was pretty stressed with this collection, tbh. It’s not easy to make sure 26 designs are done, samples being redone many times until they’re perfect, working with different suppliers for the different products, and timeline was a $@$%$@%@$. But they are so amazing, everything pulled through in the end.

The set up was supposed to be a garden theme, hence the green grass floor. We had a girl made from wire, wearing a huge floral skirt, reading a book. And from that book, alphabets just flew out and upwards in the form of alphabet scarves. We had a life-size Scrabble board for dUCkies to play and get discount, we had Sticky candies, a personalised candle bar, and food catered by Ben’s Restaurant.

mngx6000 mngx6003 mngx6224 mngx5991 mngx6392

mngx6449 mngx6485 mngx6502 mngx6513 mngx6682 mngx6501 mngx6583 mngx6519 mngx6427 mngx6251 mngx6719

mngx6469 mngx6611 mngx6575 mngx6724 mngx6552 mngx6467

mngx6742 mngx6063 mngx6708 mngx6366

The media came, our longtime dUCkies came, VIPs came, new faces came, my favourite was this one Chinese Uncle who went what is this dUCk dUCk ah?, and bought a whole bunch for his daughters. Alhamdulillah, I’m so so happy when other religions also learn about dUCk and open their eyes to accept scarves. They might like wearing the scarves so much that who knows what that could possibly lead to one day? All Allah swt’s power. For me, I just want to try and make dUCk portray scarves to be the coolest thing in the world, and to attract people to start loving it. Because not long ago, I was on the opposite side. And Alhamdulillah, I hope we are already making a change in people’s mentality of headscarves being uncool. I receive so many emails from ladies saying they’ve started wearing the hijab because dUCk makes it look so cool, and I swear to you those kind of emails give me a smile so big I jump up and down sometimes because I’m so happy. Because really guys, wearing the scarf is really cool. If it’s cool in the eyes of Allah swt, it’s the coolest thing in the world.

And pls ah, none of this bashing people for not wearing headscarves right. What is wrong with people who do that blatantly on social media? When someone opens their heart, you don’t tell her what’s wrong with it, you tell her Alhamdulillah and give her a huge hug and take her out to celebrate. And then you make doa for all of us to improve so we can end up in heaven and eat cake together. Insyaallah, guys, we will all get there. 🙂

Btw, the preorder for scarves and twillies have gone (I blogged too late!). But the bags are still up for preorder until the end of this month, so hurry here.