lost my voice

October 8, 2016


So high on drugs now, guys.

Totally lost my voice due to a bad flu (swear I wasn’t singing in the shower) and now am on antibiotics, and 5 other meds that doc gave.

The worst time for this to happen because yesterday I had to give a speech twice at the dUCk Alphabet Collection launch (will share photos soon). I could only do one media interview before I lost my voice completely, so thank God my GM swooshed right in to answer media questions. Note to self: always have a back up person during media interviews in case anything happens to me on the day.

The event is beautiful, though. Please go if you’re in the area! It’s at Bangsar Shopping Centre until Sunday tomorrow at 10 pm. It’s the first time we’ve done a public event of this scale in the concourse of a mall, so I’m very excited!

That is, until I had to be driven to emergency room because I was about to faint. All’s good now, thank God. Losing your voice and coughing and sniffing is just so uncomfortable, and you make others around you uncomfortable too each time you cough or blow your nose. I’m now in my koyak kaftan resting, whatever that means. I rarely get sick so I’m so boreddddd right now!!! I feel like I’m rotting away. Even Daniel and Mariam don’t want to friend me right now because I can’t talk.

“Mommy why is your voice like that?”

“Mommy’s not well….”

“Oh ok,” Daniel looks at Dean. “Daddy, let’s go play outside!” 

Ahhh my son, the caring soul.


“Patience is required.”

Oh this weekend is going to be a tough one!

How to record my hit single with this voice?! HAHA.