mariam and her mut

October 6, 2016


Mariam is 1 year and 8 months old, and she’s really blooming into character. She’s soft-spoken (when she says Mommy, it’s just so soft and beautiful I want to hear it over and over again just because!), she’s a drama queen (cries over the smallest things to get what she wants), she’s strong (if she doesn’t want something, there’s no reasoning with her. Unlike Daniel.) but one that will be obvious to everyone… Her favourite person in the world is Daddy. *hold back tears* I can do this… It’s fine, whatever. I know deep down I’m the one she wants.

But no.

She wants Daddy. She literally drops everything when Daddy walks in to the room, and sometimes I get mad at Dean for simply coming home thus disturbing my playtime with Mariam. Haha.

And one thing she will never be without is her blanket. She calls it Mut for selimut, and she holds on to it for dear life. Sometimes we just stare at her playing, and then she pauses for a second to sniff her blanket, then she continues playing again. Like it’s a drug or something hahahaha. It’s quite funny. She’ll be so upset if you take it away from her. I love to disturb her and pretend to take it away… oh, no wonder she doesn’t like me.

Every night, I put them to sleep and read to them. Last night, during our bedtime session, I took Mariam’s blanket and she got upset. I pretended to get upset back and begged her for her Mut. She shook her head and said No softly, and rolled to the other side away from me. I kept quiet to see what she would do. A few seconds later, she rolled back towards me and looked at me. I looked back, not saying a word. Then, miraculously, she sniffed her blanket, put out her arm and gave it to me. She smiled and nodded at me, signalling that I can have her blanket.

*jaw drop to basement parking*

You guys don’t understand! She NEVER gives her blanket to anyone, not even Daddy. For her to give it to me because she kesian…. is just TRUE LOVE.


She took the blanket back after five seconds, but still.