my friends don’t do it

October 1, 2016


So today Daniel and I had a meal and I asked him to say Bismillah before eating. He usually would automatically, but today he didn’t.

“I don’t want to say Bismillah, Mommy.”

“Why not??”Β 

“Because in school, my friend Hayden doesn’tΒ say Bismillah.”

Uh-oh… the challenging part of motherhood has started for me i.e. influence from other friends!

You see, I never wanted Daniel to just get to know Muslims and Malays only. I want him to develop self-confidence to speak to anyone from any country and race and religion, and for him to know that there are other people of other cultures and lifestyles in this world. So I like that he gets to know international children. At home, I get him Islamic books, I tell him about Allah swt and how Allah swt created all of us etc etc, but I don’t know if he understands what I’m saying since he’s only 3!

I’m sure Mommies out there have been through this.

What do you do when you child is influenced by his friends in school? And how do we ensure they stay true to their roots while wanting to be global-minded? #kiasuparenthere