post-voice rest

October 11, 2016


Wearing Alice white shirt from LANA KL and striped pants from Poplook, at FashionValet.

Ah so happy to be back at work!! I’m still voice-less but at least I’m not headache-y anymore.

Read your comments in my previous post, and I think that interview only took a snippet of what I said during the actual long interview, so it wasn’t a fair representation of how I feel about staff on MC. OBVIOUSLY I’M NOT CRAZY. If you’re really really sick and contagious I wouldn’t want you to come to the office either. But don’t lie and say you’ve never heard of people abusing their MCs all the time. You have a stomachache, go doctor to get MC and someone sees you in a mall having lunch with your boyfriend. I’m an employer, I know that this happens a lot and it’s frustrating because we are all counting on that person to finish up her portion of work so the whole team has to wait. If you’re really sick, then it’s fine, please go and rest. (I’m not such a bad boss ok, I visit my teammates in the hospital and kiss them and all). But I know that some people pamper themselves and exaggerate their sickness maybe a little bit. I know I expect a lot from my team, that’s how I work and how I want them to challenge themselves so I can’t have such manja people around me. That’s just me. That’s how I was raised by my dad, and that’s how I was trained by his CFO who’s a very tough lady. I got scolded by her many times, regardless of being her boss’s daughter and I respect that woman because she un-manja-ed me. I’m not going to apologise for who I am. I’m going to be very unpopular for this and that’s ok.

Anyway, no time to waste because we’re launching a HUGE EVENT tomorrow. One of the biggest at FV and I have to give a speech (again with this froggy voice, wish me luck!). Follow my updates on Instagram for the reveal of this top secret event.

I thought it would be hard not to talk for a few days (I mean seriously try it, guys, try not talking for 4 days), but it actually turned out to be a lot of fun because people just get things for you when you want and all you have to do is point. Hehe. And also, you can’t sin with your mouth so it taught me to refrain from saying bad things. I’m going to continue that after this. I think Allah swt was trying to teach me something. Hehe. *looks up to the sky “Ok, lesson learnt!”*


I appreciate my voice so much now. Not going to take that for granted anymore!