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October 28, 2016

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That time when Daniel fell off the bed. Poor guy inherited Mommy’s unattractive sleeping habits… drool, mouth open, moves a lot.. hehe. But jokes aside, I think the thud I heard from the bedroom made my heart stop for a second, if that’s even possible.

It’s so weird… I can’t hear my colleague calling me from the same freaking room, but if anything happens to your children, you’ll hear it even from the other side of the house! Some bionic senses that were installed in moms during childbirth, must be!

It’s funny how motherhood changes everything. I was super self-absorbed, happy doing my own thing whenever I wanted. But now, a natural feeling of them-before-me is embedded in me (and even embedded deeper in Dean, he’s suchhhh a dad he makes me look incompetent!). I never knew I could be like that, but mannnn just a mere smile from your kid (which btw are fake cos they know they can get what they want) will instantly bring an “Of course you can!” or “Awww sure sure take whatever you want!” from me. #weak

Consoling a crying Daniel who knocked his head on the floor, brought me back to memories when he was hospitalized a long time ago for minor bronchiolitis.


He had to be nebulized every few hours and seeing him so tiny in the hospital bed, oh man… I think every mom would die a little inside. The nurses wanted to put the IV drip on and jab him at the back of his hand. I fought with every one of them, fiercely insisting that he didn’t need it (and true enough, he didn’t!). I hated the IV when I was giving birth, so if adults hate them, what more a little baby. #cry

But seriously, when you’re in there, with your child, you can’t help but think of what more you can do for them. I’ve heard about insurance before and even at the lobby of the hospital, people were giving out flyers with happy families on the cover. I used to just throw these in the trash, but being a mom now, I know I have to take interest because if anything happens Nauzubillah, you wouldn’t want to be burdened by your children’s hospital bills! Of course we’ve all heard and know what insurance is all about. But having learned about takaful (Islamic insurance) and what it has to offer, I must say that it’s not that bad either. The difference between takaful with the conventional insurance is that takaful is governed under Shariah Law – therefore for those who are concern with the source of fund – you can rest assure for the source is strictly scrutinized to comply with the Shariah Laws. Do you have takaful?

As I was doing my survey, I came across this product called IKHLASLink Secure Takaful from Takaful IKHLAS website. They provide Islamic financial protection services based on Shariah principles. Here’s the screen shot for your reference.


Based on the assumption that the insurer is 30years old, male – for only RM 150 a month (!!!!), you get all these benefits and protection and that’s pretty amazing. If I get this, Daniel and Mariam won’t have to worry about forking out money for me because the coverage will sort me out. Up to almost a mil in hospital bills, 50K for protection for 40 types of critical illnesses, and all these serious things that you don’t want to happen to you but you have to prepare anyway just in case! You’re covered for 100 years and woohoo if we live that long, but I think it’s more than enough to cover us. Of course the benefits will be more if you pay more per month, so it’s entirely up to you and what you can afford to set aside monthly.

You could be reading this and go blab la bla on me, but you can’t run away from the serious talk any longer guys. We’re not getting any younger. #sigh #indenial #pileontheeyewrinklecream

So come on peeps, time to be responsible and check out their website here. We all need to start doing our research now.