family holiday in london

November 23, 2016

Time sure flies. But you know when time doesn’t fly??

When you’re on a 13-hour flight with 2 active kids who refuse to sleep and you start to rethink your life decisions.


We were en route to London for our family holiday! It’s Mariam’s first time here. Well the last time, she was in my tummy so I guess it’s her second time here?






Daniel kept on going “Are we here yet?” “Mommy I’m so bored” and “Why is the plane not moving?” even though I’ve explained to him that the plane is indeed, moving. “I don’t think so, Mommy.” -___-“

Mariam? She kept walking back and forth to Dean and I, equally bored, and wanting to touch everything, dragging her “Mut” (blanket) all over the floors of the plane. To distract her, I kept singing nursery rhymes to get her excited. It worked, but if I sing Wheels on the bus one more time, I’m literally going to puke blood…

My sister warned me to prepare everything; iPad, videos, drowsy medicine (doctor prescribed, don’t worry. It’s totally safe to knock your kids out for a couple hours woohoo), toy animals, books, cookies. I was so close to giving them the medicine so they’d feel sleepy, but good-righteous-dad Dean didn’t let me. Grrrr.

img_8567 img_8564

Finally, the kids slept so Dean and I gave each other high-fives and tried to sleep too. I swear, it felt like 5 minutes until I heard “Mommy” coming from Mariam whose face was a few inches away from mine. Are you kidding me, child?! I gave Dean that how-long-more face, and he replied me “6 hours to go!” with a how-do-we-get-off-this-plane look. 6 hours. Man, maybe Daniel was right, maybe the plane isn’t moving. Is the Captain even awake?

Daniel was watching cartoon Secret Life of Pets and because he had his headphones on and couldn’t hear himself, he kept shouting things to me, “Mommy, look at that dog!” “Mommy, this is so funny!” “Hey Mommy, don’t eat my cookie!” The people in first class probably heard him. I told him to talk softly because he was shouting, and he went “WHAT DID YOU SAY, MOMMY? I CAN’T HEAR YOU.” 



Oh, but I haven’t told you guys about the highlight of our flight yet.

The award goes to Mariam.


No points for guessing. Mariam puked her lunch out (not a cute drool puke kind of thing, I’m talking blockbuster movie projectile vomiting) and poor steward had to help us wipe everything off and spritz and spray the seat and floor with his gloves on. I bet he hates us now and went to the back to tell his friends, and it doesn’t help that they know of us and FV. Ok, now might be a good time to pull down that big door handle and jump off this plane.

Fuhhh. It was an interesting plane ride definitely. Our first proper family holiday was Melbourne but the flight was half the time as London. This one is a keeper in our memory box, definitely. Mariam and Daniel, when you guys grow up, please take Mommy and Daddy on your flights. We might puke, just for old time’s sake. Teehee. #paybacktime




We had dinner at Harrods (ET, I’m home…) and the kids were soooo jet lagged that they slept while we carried them on our laps, and the other hand gobbling up as fast as we could so we could go home. We walked back carrying them and some shopping bags, and boy… our biceps look pretty good now. Our faces didn’t though, Dean and I looked pale from lack of sleep and we were breathless from the walk…. and all I can hear was Kak Siti’s evil laugh while she probably puts her feet up at home in KL watching some TV drama.