but it comes with a spoon

November 14, 2016

So I’m going into the big 3-0 in a couple of years and already getting many of those “Aiya you better make sure you take care of your skin ah later all sag down” comments from Aunties from the Wrinkles Haters club. Honestly, I do feel my body is a little sluggish now… is this what getting old feels like?!! *cries blood* If 30 feels like this, I’m going to be one really grumpy 40-year-old blogger, guys.

Anyway, so Dean and I were walking around a department store and I passed a La Mer counter. I’ve heard good things about the brand and saw mom and mil use it sometime ago too. Ooohh they also have a spoon for their moisturiser, that’s so cool. Ok sold! Come, let’s go there.

Acting like I know my stuff, “Ahh your best seller one, you know, I need a refill.” Just act smart like you know the brand and you have 10 of these at home. Never let them know you’re a first timer, then you’ll find yourself walking out buying the full range… and also some items from the counter next door because they also heard you’re a sucker. The saleswoman took my bait, “Ahh yes yes our moisturiser. You want the 60ml, 250ml or 500ml?”

Of course the smallest tub la, just testing first.

“60ml for now, I live nearby, can always come and buy when finished,” Good one, Vivy. Don’t let them know you’re a cheapo. “Wait, but it comes with the cool spoon right?”

So, my small tub of their best-selling moisturiser and its spoon friend came with me to the counter. I gave my card and saw the numbers 1200 on the cashier. Ok keep cool, keep breathing, don’t turn pale. IS THIS MOISTURISER SERIOUSLY ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED BUCKS? IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG HERE, MISS?! That cashier must be broken. Maybe added another zero by mistake? Please someone tell me we’re in Indonesia right now, where the numbers are longer.

There was no mistake guys.

Whyyyy whyyy don’t I ask for prices before I buy things. That’s like a big shopping DUH. In the corner there, I saw Dean smiling at me nodding me to go ahead. That sly fox… he knew all along how much it was!! Because he had common sense to check the price. Ok I shall not pursue that argument. *smacks own head*

I carried it back home, clutching it with dear life. The most expensive cream I’ve ever bought. (The 500ml one is RM8,000 guys… that better come with a bigger spoon…) I gulped. Does it have like some magic power? This cream better make me glow guys. GLOW IN THE DARK, I TELL YOU.

That night, I saw Dean sneaking in to the toilet. He studied the tub, took a spoonful of the cream and started dabbing it onto his face. He washed his hands after that and said he regretted it because he basically washed off a hundred bucks away when it could make his hands softer and rejuvenated too. Haha. Men, act tough only. Inside want to be pretty also.

Ok so welcome to my skincare routine, you designer cream with a spoon you.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Kalau tak cantik jugak, tak tahu la.