never washing this cardigan

November 21, 2016

I’m on a plane from Singapore back home to KL now. It was a productive trip that was really short; we sponsored Afgan’s concert, I had an interview with CNBC Asia and Suria Channel the next day, had a team meeting with FV Singapore team and then straight to the airport. Just a regular work day… NOT!!

Did you read that properly, guys?! We sponsored Afgan’s concert. We. FashionValet. And. Afgan. The. Afgan.

The Love, Vivy crew came as well because we have started shooting for Season 2 and during the interview session, the Director Faiz asked me, “So how do you feel now that FV is on an international level now?” That question caught me off guard because OMG we really are. We were featured on BBC, then New Yorker, then Forbes and today CNBC! And of course, that hottie Afgan. It’s just so surreal but because so many things happen on a daily basis and it’s always ok, on to the next thing, Dean and I don’t really get to sit down and truly appreciate all the cool things that’s happening with FashionValet. Did you know we launched FV Bridal last month? And we opened a store in Pavilion? And we are launching FV Men next month? Ughhhh I swear I always wanna blog about each one, but life is just so fast-paced now. This is a reminder for me to always be grateful for each achievement and try to blog about it, even if it’s a short post. I never want to lose these memories years from now, so I need to pen them down!

Anyway, so many funny things happened during this trip, you really have to watch it all on Love, Vivy when it airs. Will keep you updated.

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But just a conversation I want to remember on my blog:

Dean: So, do you want to take a photo with Afgan at the concert later?

Me: Yeah, duh! The three of us, of course.

Dean: Oh yeah. But the two of us as well.

Me: Oh of course, you and me always, baby.

Dean: Umm, I meant two of us as in Afgan and I.


I guess even guys like Afgan. I swear it’s the dimples!