our first movie together

November 12, 2016

We bravely took the kids for a movie recently. Both the kids! This was Mariam’s first ever movie and Daniel’s second. We heard about the beanie bag cinema in One Utama from my silk so decided to try it out with them. It was so nice! All 4 of us on one big beanie cuddling while watching Trolls.


Umm excuse their faces… as long as Mommy and Daddy look ok. Haha.

Daniel was as usual, quiet and cautious, looking around and I think slightly uncomfortable being in the dark. Especially when scary moments play on the screen, he turns to me and says “Mommy I want to go home.” NO, DANIEL. You sit here and watch this scary monster and toughen yourself up, man. Now, hold Mommy’s hand. Cos Mommy is ummm, scared too.

Mariam? Wow guys, she’s really a wild child. Like she did not care who can hear her or whatever, she was giggling at that troll who blows glitter to people’s faces, she was chomping on popcorn loudly, she was so into the movie. But only half of it. Then she started getting restless and started being difficult. -___-“

We made it work, though. And overall, it was an awesome family time together!


Daniel and Mariam, if you’re reading this, our first movie together as a family is Trolls. It’s about happiness, and how happiness is within you. Not by things, or other people, but really, it’s what you make out of your own life to find that happiness within. So always remember that ok? Don’t depend on others to be happy. Happiness is already in you.

You’ll also feel happy if you listen to Mommy and Daddy, and not be difficult teenagers. Just saying. #tryingmyluck #aparentcandream