what is busy, mommy?

November 6, 2016

I was told that having a baby is fun. They lied because having a baby is not fun because they don’t do anything. It gets so much more fun when they start talking (then the fun stops once they start becoming a pre-teen and they’re no longer cute).


Daniel is a hoot to be around now, and we all always laugh because kids really say the darnest things. And they’re like sponges, they absorb everything we adults say and repeat them.

When crossing the street, Daniel will look at Mariam and say, “Ok Mariam, we can cross now because there are no cars. Come on, Mariam.”

When Mariam refuses to share, he looks at Mariam and say, “You must share with me, Mariam. Sharing is good.”

When Mariam spills something, he says, “No, Mariam, spilling is not good. You must wipe it now or Mommy will scold you.”

And he has the most serious face, with his index finger pointing out. He copied that from me; when I scold them, I always show them my index finger. I don’t know why we all do that! Scold only, the index finger will come out. Poor index finger, so innocent but always has to be the bad guy.

 Tonight, I was putting Daniel to sleep, and as usual, it’s always a longgggg process because he just wants to play all night. Usually Dean also sleeps with us and we turn off all the lights so it’s easier for the kids to believe that the whole world is also sleeping. But there’s an Arsenal game tonight, it’s the most important game of the season bla bla bla… don’t even get me started.

“Come on, Daniel. Let’s sleep, you have school tomorrow! Look, see, Mommy also sleep.” I closed my eyes to demonstrate.

“Oh. Mommy has school tomorrow too?”

“No, I have work tomorrow. Even Mommy has to sleep now, because I have to wake up early to go to work tomorrow.”

“How come Daddy isn’t sleeping? He doesn’t have work tomorrow?”

“He does. But he has to do something first. Then he will come and sleep.”

“Oh. He is busy?”


Well… that’s debatable isn’t it, Dean?!

“What is busy, Mommy?”

“Busy is when you have something to do at that time.”

Daniel stared in the air, processing all this amazing wisdom.

“Ok ok enough talking, let’s go to sleep, Daniel,” I said to him.

“No, Mommy. I’m going to play now.”

“What, why?!”

“Because I’m busy, Mommy.”