disneyland with the kids

December 28, 2016

So Dean and I held hands, faced each other, took a deep breath…. and said “See you on the other side.” We did what every parent has to do at least once in their life, but in total fear.

We picked up the bags, pushed the strollers, and looked for that sign that says… “PARENTS, ARE YOU SURE??? IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO CANCEL.”

Kids call it Disneyland.

Oh the train ride to Disneyland Paris. Daniel was well-behaved, cried once because Mariam wouldn’t share her chips with him. But Mariam, oh Mariam… she puked because she ran around so much before we got on the train, and on the train, she kept looking back at the seats behind us. There was a little girl and Mariam kept pointing to her saying “Baby, baby, bay-beeeeeeee!”. Shhhh Mariam, she’s so much bigger than you, it’s like Mommy pointing at a supermodel and saying “Short, shortttt.” Pot calling kettle situation here… the entireeeee train ride. Thank God British people are so nice they even layan-ed Mariam and called her beautiful… even with chocolate smeared all over her hands and top. God bless kind people.


We met up with my sister and her family in Disneyland and it got easier, thank God. My sister and bil helped us a lot with the strollers while we tried to wrestle our kids to put on their gloves that keep falling off. Daniel was much easier but Mariam refused to put on gloves and beanie hat, even though her fingers are frozen and lips were turning blue. WHAT POINT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE MARIAM, YOU ARE NOT WINNING HERE. GRRRRR.

We bought tickets to Disneyland and my jaw dropped. It was about 100 euros per person and for the 4 of us it’s about 400 euros plus. And that’s just to enter the park! No wonder people go for a full day, to make their money’s worth.


I have to admit though, as soon as we got there, my heart fluttered. My childhood came flashing back to me and I got so excited to go on all the rides. The line was long for every ride, so even if you come early, expect to queue for a while in the cold. We went on the train ride, another train ride and another train ride… then we went on the Flying Elephant ride, a Flying Spaceship ride… I can’t remember anymore, but basically we could only do 4 to 5 rides in a few hours considering queuing time and meal times which also included queuing…. Sometimes the queue was worth it… other times like these..


…not so worth it. She totally slept the entire Jumbo ride. -___-“

Oh, you guys have to try this restaurant called Rainforest Café (near Planet Hollywood). There are huge animals (not real) in there that move from time to time and if your kids love animals like Daniel, it would be an amazing experience for them.

I suggest you stay here at least one night. All the hotels there have a free shuttle service to Disneyland so it’s really easy. Our gorgeous hotel room:


So romantic… I can’t take it! Haha.

At night, they have the firework show in front of the castle. It was pretty amazing, I put up the video on my Instagram a while back if you guys managed to watch it. It was really cold, but we all didn’t mind because it was so worth it. Even sat on the floor while watching the amazing play of lights.







You know where you shouldn’t go though? Oh guys don’t go to the gift shop with your kids. Daniel and Mariam pulled out so many things (guess which poor lady had to pick up things on the floor and put them back each time… ME.) and that’s where Mariam threw her biggest tantrum after I refused to give her TicTac.




I was getting really stressed and I felt like crying because I was tired. But then I saw a mom with loadsssss of kids and thought wow, I shouldn’t complain. After that, I just started enjoying myself with my kids. I started noticing their smiles and their excited faces, and thought that was the most beautiful thing in the world. Today is about them, it’s not about Dean or me. So I’m going to do whatever they want and not get stressed! Suddenly, like magic, my mood completely changed and I started enjoying myself too.


Excuse Mariam’s face… always eating, this girl.

We went to It’s A Small World ride, and that’s when everyone went quiet. That ride is my most favourite ride in the world, and I remember holding my parents’ hands sitting in the boat many many years ago. I started missing them so much, as I held Mariam and Daniel close to me. I sang along as we were brought along the amazing setup in there, and I know Daniel and Mariam were in awe with it all.


Even though they looked like this. -___-“

As I remember that moment with my parents, I was wishing that my kids would remember this moment with Dean and I. One day, hopefully, they will be here with their own kids, and thinking of us. So amazing how life is one big cycle, and how time flies. It was even more special that my sister and her family were behind us too, living this moment with us. I looked back and smiled at my sister and she gave me a knowing smile.


It was such a magical moment for us, knowing that years ago we were here with our Mom and Dad, and now so surreal to be here with our own kids.






But the magic stopped when we got out. We went to queue to meet Mickey Mouse and the longggg queue made Daniel and Mariam so restless. Both wanted to be carried and Daniel especially wanted to stand on the railing so he could watch the cartoon.


Dean and I kept switching babies when we got tired. Suddenly Daniel fell asleep in my arms and I realized how heavy he was (who needs gym seriously…). I couldn’t put him down on the stroller because we have to leave both strollers outside, so I just tahan. The queue didn’t seem to move after a few minutes and I could hear Mariam in front crying while Dean tells her to “Stop it!”. We decided to ditch the queue because it might be another hour and we had to catch our train back to London.

With one sleeping child and one tantrum-y baby, we bid farewell to Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. Oh, but we managed to stop by the giftshop again and bought Kak Siti a sleeping gown that had Minnie Mouse saying “Mornings are ughhhhhh” It’s so her, she loved it! Haha.

As we settled on the train, Dean and I high-fived each other for surviving Disneyland with our small kids.

“Never again?” I asked him.

“Never again,” he answered.