miss forgetful

December 5, 2016

Age must be catching up with me or something. I’m soooo forgetful these days, it’s worrying! I keep leaving my phone everywhere, and if limbs could detach from my body, you’d probably see arm in Bangsar and the other arm in the office because I forgot to take them with me.

On the flight back from New York (still owe you guys a blogpost… why do I have a feeling it’s not gonna happen…), I actually left my phone on the plane on the connecting flight. Thank God it was my secondary phone with no secret information or my sexy selfie pictures bahahaah. No! No laughing, Vivy. My heart still hurts whenever I think about that phone because it’s sheer stupidity on my careless side not to check thoroughly before getting off the airplane. Still waiting from a reply from lostandfound@emirates.com, they said it will take 24-48 hours for them to find my phone. It’s been 5 months.

Then, on the flight back to London, we had to leave the strollers outside the airplane since we couldn’t take them in. I folded them carefully and said thank you to the guy collecting them and happily walked into the aircraft. Little did I know I left my blinking phone on the top of the stroller where the hood umbrella thing folds. In my head, I can hear Dean saying “I told you! I told you never to put things there because you’ll forget.” Ah crapppp. Thank God we haven’t taken off yet. I begged the stewardess to let me off the plane, so I can run to the sea of strollers to find my phone in there. SERIOUSLY WHY DO ALL OF YOU BUY BLACK STROLLERS TOO. All of them looked the same! Finally I went back into the aircraft with a sigh of relief with my Huawei in hand. Dean, without even waiting for me to finish celebrating, “I told you! I told you never to put things there because you’ll forget.” Excuse me, you’re ruining our jejak kasih moment here, sir.

And then, today! So we were checking in and the lady asked for our booking reference. I searched for the email on my phone and too lazy to read out the alphanumerics, I just showed my screen to her. She took my phone, did the check in, printed our tickets, yada yada yada, then she said “Your gate is closing very soon. You have to hurry.” She gave us our passports back, and told us to run. So we did! As soon as I sat down, I did my usual takeoff routine; look for my phone to message my parents to tell them I’m flying now. My heart sank when I couldn’t find it, I asked Dean if he had it, he said no, I asked him if he was joking, he said no, I asked him to stop joking and give me my phone. My heart sank even more when I remembered that moment my hand handed the lady my phone. OMG she has it and it’s all the way at check in counter. The plane was about to take off. Umm, do you think these other 100 people would mind if I run to the entrance of the airport for a little while… and maybe get that bag of chips I wanted (I knew I should’ve bought it when I saw it, I kept thinking about potato chips on the flight…).

Ok so breathe breathe…. I used Dean’s phone and messaged a friend of mine working in MAS. She made some calls, and told me my phone will be on the next flight so I should wait in KLIA for that flight to arrive. The whole 45 minutes on air from Singapore to KL, I kept thinking what colour should I paint her statue that I’m going to build. Seriously, so so so thankful. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

So I waited at Starbucks. The whole time cursing myself for being so careless.

img_0256 img_0246

This cute message from the barista totally cheered me up!


I can finally breathe again!

Moral of the story guys…?

We all need a friend in an airline company, guys.

So yes, sigh, I’m getting so forgetful so I need to work on that. I’m finally back home now from Singapore. Going to go home and play with those 2 kids of mine, whats-his-name and whats-her-name. Missing them loads!